Cost of Studying Abroad & Financial Aid

The cost of each program varies depending on location and program type. Each program has an established program price, which can vary based on program location, housing types and other factors.

Prior to enrolling in a study abroad program, students should contact the financial aid office to discuss their financing options in more detail.

Costs and Billing By Program Type
  • Students who choose to study in Prato at the Tuscany campus are billed the Prato Comprehensive Fee. This fee includes the cost of standard University of New Haven tuition and fees as a residential student with a Charger gold meal plan and housing. An international cell phone charge is also included. Airfare is not included in the Comprehensive Fee and is billed separately once the University purchases the airfare tickets.

    When attending the Tuscany Campus, students will maintain access to their institutional aid such as scholarships and grants as well as federal financial aid. Students will be awarded as on-campus and their financial aid package will be adjusted accordingly for their semester in Prato.

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  • Students participating in exchange programs are billed standard University of New Haven tuition and fees. Housing costs may vary as students have the option to live on or off campus when participating in this program.

    Students can maintain access to their institutional aid such as scholarships and grants as well as federal financial aid. Financial aid ultimately will be dependent on the type of housing the student selects.

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  • Study Abroad participants through provider programs are initially charged the same standard tuition and fees that a traditional University of New Haven student would be assessed if they were studying on campus. Typically, the provider will send the University the billing invoice for their program. If the tuition with the provider program exceeds the cost of the University of New Haven’s tuition and fees, the student’s tuition account with the University is adjusted for any cost differences. In addition, all students studying abroad through provider programs will be assessed a $500 Study Away Administration fee.

    Students in an approved program through a provider are eligible for federal financial aid which includes federal loans (student and parent), and the federal Pell grant (if eligible). Students can also apply for private student loans to assist in covering their financial gap. Institutional aid such as merit scholarships and University grants are not available.

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  • Short-term faculty led programs are outside of the normal semester. In these programs students will be billed a package price which generally includes tuition, airfare, accommodation and meals for the duration of the program. Each program page has specific cost information.

    Typically, students are only eligible to apply for loans for these type of programs. Students should speak with the Financial Aid Office to discuss their loan options.

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Study Abroad Scholarships

* This information is subject to change at the discretion of the scholarship provider. Please check the individual scholarship websites for the most accurate information