Analytics Programs

center for analytics

Center For Analytics

The Center for Analytics, part of the University of New Haven’s renowned Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, enables students to work with partner organizations to learn how to analyze and interpret large amounts of data.

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political science students

Political Science, B.S.

The quality high-impact learning experiences our program provides will develop and sharpen your leadership, data analysis, writing, public speaking, intercultural competence, critical thinking, and networking skills.

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data science student

Data Science, M.S.

Data Science is an emerging field that combines methods from machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistics with entirely new technologies for handling vast amounts of complex and quickly-changing data.

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public health lecture

Public Health, M.S.

Our core curriculum provides the broad foundation in key areas including epidemiology, biostatistics, social and behavioral sciences, healthcare administration, and environmental health, along with more advanced coursework focusing on the range of issues relevant to public health today, including global health, healthcare leadership, public health ethics, public health law, and public health practice, planning, and evaluation.

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criminal justice student

Criminal Justice, B.S.

You will gain an acute understanding of crime-solving and public safety issues as you learn to not only navigate the intricate fields of criminal justice but also shape the future of our justice system. The Crime Analysis concentration focuses on the application of advanced computer and geographical information systems (GIS) in the collection and analysis of crime data.

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national security student

Security & Defense Policy, B.S.

Through the renowned Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, you will prepare to work for your country as an intelligence analyst by developing a proficiency in foreign languages, studying abroad in a country whose language you’ve mastered, gaining analytical skills like critical incident mapping, data mining, data analysis, and intelligence reporting, plus hands-on experience with professional tools and software.

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business student

Business Analytics, B.S.

Through the STEM-Certified Business Analytics program, you will gain organizational and technical competencies in data science, learn to interpret data-asset analysis for business applications and acquire the skills to guide organizational decision-making.

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MBA students


Two of the MBA concentrations, Data Analytics and Financial Analysis, are STEM certified by the federal government, and they are designed to instill in our students the technical expertise that employers told us they are looking for in their future hires.

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accounting student

Accounting, M.S.

Through the STEM-certified concentration in AI/Analytics you will develop a competency for data analysis and the tools used in auditing, predictive modeling, forensic accounting, and business operations analytics.

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sport management students

Sport Management, M.S.

The STEM-certified concentration in Business Analytics provides an in-depth framework for use of analytics and how data is driving critical decisions in the industry. The goal of this degree program is to enhance students’ quantitative and statistical skills (including predictive modeling and data management), build an understanding of the relationship between data and decisions, and develop the skills to communicate those relationships.

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finance student

Finance & Financial Analytics, M.S.

Our M.S. in Finance & Financial Analytics is STEM-certified (science, technology, engineering, and math) by the federal government, which enables students to gain the technical and analytical skills that are valued in the workplace.

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