Center for Analytics

The Center for Analytics, part of the University of New Haven’s renowned Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, enables students to work with partner organizations to learn how to analyze and interpret large amounts of data.

Our Mission

The Center for Analytics is an enabling organization at the University of New Haven providing a one-stop-shop for faculty, staff, students, and partner organizations to perform data analysis and visual analytics. The Center for Analytics supports academic programs, faculty research, specialized instruction in technical fields, while providing a robust technical infrastructure to support entrepreneurial ventures.

Our Work

The Center for Analytics (CFA) has a rich history of performance in supporting quantitative research applications within the University of New Haven and in supporting partners in the public and private sectors. Since its establishment in in 2003, it has provided direct support to entities within the DOD, DHS, DOJ, and members of the Intelligence Community.

Our Clients

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External Partners

CFA has a unique capability in high-volume data collection and structuring capabilities in support of private and public sector partners. Such capabilities have been leveraged to develop "Ground Truth" data for scoring predictive algorithms or for monitoring trends found in traditional and social media.

In addition to bespoke data collection services, CFA serves as a nationally recognized analytics hub. Awarded for its innovative techniques in 2016 by the National Safety Council, the CFA provides its partners with the tools needed to perform data driven decision making at both operational and strategic levels

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Faculty Resources

CFA enhances academic programs by injecting advanced analytics into coursework across the academic colleges. Through faculty training and assistance with technology integration, CFA provides opportunities for enhanced student learning outcomes.

CFA also serves as a hub of Sponsored Research within the University of New Haven; partnering with Faculty and Staff to provide technical assistance on grants or contracts across all colleges. In partnering with CFA, Principal Investigators may leverage decades of past performance and an established technology infrastructure to support quantitative research efforts.

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Student Resources

CFA offers experiential education opportunities to students across all colleges at the University of New Haven. Through research sponsored by public and private sector partners, students learn how to address real-world challenges by creating and analyzing data.

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Our People

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