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PLTW Opportunities for Students

PLTW courses provide students with an opportunity to get hands on experience in real engineering topics. Furthermore, upon completing the PLTW course, students may become eligible for early college credit. Please see our PLTW College Credit page for course details.

What is the process to receive college credit at the University of New Haven?

Secondary school students may receive University of New Haven College Credit for PLTW courses by being enrolled in a PLTW-High School and meeting the eligibility requirements. Transcripted credits can apply for various engineering programs at the University of New Haven.

College credit request form

When secondary school students receive University of New Haven college credit for PLTW courses, a transcript is developed for them. This transcript shows the University of New Haven-equivalent course name and number.

Transcript request form

What do we expect from educators?

Since these students are receiving college credit for college-level work, there are certain rules that must be followed by every PLTW-school to ensure the integrity of the exam and process:

  • The final course exam must be administered exactly as it is written, with no alterations.
  • Students must take the exam immediately at the conclusion of the course.
  • Students must submit an "Undergraduate Admission Registration Form" and pay for University of New Haven credit before December 30th of year of completion (May 30th if course ends in mid-year).
  • Teachers must use the Grade Report Form template to electronically submit their students' grades prior to the end of the school year.
Several actions are not acceptable in the college credit process:
  • Exams may not be altered in any way. The University of New Haven will periodically require that the graded exams be submitted for review.
  • Students cannot decide later in their high school career that they want to receive credit for courses taken in previous years.
  • Teachers may not tutor their students after they have completed the course or give the exam after a tutoring period.
  • Current exams may not be used for review in the classroom. PLTW provides previous exams for the review process.

For additional information contact a PLTW at the University of New Haven.

PLTW College Credits at the University of New Haven
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