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The Charger Compact

Developed by a committee of students, faculty and staff, the Charger Compact, is the University of New Haven's statement of community values. 

As a University community, there are values and expectations that we all share which provide the framework for how we interact as individual members of the community and speak to who we are and what we stand for as a community.

As a Member of the University of New Haven Community:

1.) I will strive for academic excellence

Striving for academic excellence means developing ways to motivate myself to reach my full academic potential, taking full advantage of university resources, and seeking experiential education opportunities to maximize my learning.

2.) I will assume responsibility for my words, actions and inaction. 

Assuming responsibility for my words, actions and inaction means considering consequences before acting, resolving issues in a non-violent manner, holding myself and others accountable for choices made and reflecting on my mistakes.

3.) I will respect the dignity, rights and property of all persons.

Respecting the dignity, rights and property of all persons means insuring that my actions reflect an appreciation for the uniqueness of all community members as well as a respect for individual and community property.

4.) I will strive to appreciate, respect and learn from others whose experiences and opinions are different from mine. 

Striving to appreciate and learn from others whose experiences and opinions are different from mine means actively seeking opportunities to exchange ideas and personal histories with others.

5.) I will conduct my academic and personal life with integrity.

Conducting my academic and personal life with integrity means authentically representing myself through my words and actions.

6.) I will strive to contribute positively to the campus, local and global communities.

Striving to contribute positively to the campus, local and global communities means committing to being a proactive contributor whose community engagement reflects the goal of creating a better present and future for all.

Endorsed by: Undergraduate Student Government Association, Graduate Student Council, Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and University of New Haven President Steven Kaplan.