Dunham Hall

Dunham Hall features apartment style living with 4-5 person apartments. There are 2-3 bedrooms per apartment with 1-2 residents per bedroom.
  • There are two resident assistants (RA), and one Residence Director (RD) living in Dunham Hall.
  • Each bedroom consists of a bed, 3-drawer dresser, desk, and desk chair for each resident.
  • Each apartment has a kitchen equipped with a stove, oven, and refrigerator as well as a private bathroom.
  • Dunham Hall has a common room on the first floor with a TV and pool table.
  • Living in Dunham Hall helps students take the first step toward independent living.
  • It is located in the heart of the residential community.
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Experience Dunham

Victoria Stearns

Victoria Stearns ‘16

Talks About Living in Dunham Hall

“I loved living in Dunham. I have visited every residence hall on campus, and Dunham is, by far, my favorite. Dunham is an apartment-style residence hall, which I liked very much because it gave me the feeling of independence that I was expecting from going to college.

Each of the suites in Dunham has a full kitchen with a stove and an oven, a bathroom with a full bathtub, and plenty of closet and storage space. Although it is farther from the center of campus than some other residence halls, I think that Dunham is worth the walk just to have the amenities that it provides.

Photos of Dunham
Dunham Hall kitchen

Dunham Hall kitchen area

Bedroom inside Dunham Hal

Bedroom inside Dunham Hall

Dunham Hall

Outside of Dunham Hall