Residence Halls

Living on campus is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a residential student at the University of New Haven, you can expect to live CHARGED!

The Office of Residential Life aims to create a safe, supportive, inclusive, and engaged learning environment that enhances students’ holistic development and creates spirited life-long Chargers. Additionally, living on campus offers you many benefits like quick and convenient access to your classes and other campus amenities, opportunities to forge new friendships, and study groups that enhance what you learn in the classroom. That’s why many students decide to call our residence halls their home. They know it's the best place to go at the end of the day to connect with friends, unwind from their busy schedules, study and prepare for class, and live CHARGED!

Community Has All Residents Growing, Engaging, & Discovering

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, please find important information about our residence halls. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any additional questions.

Applications, Assignments & Payment
  • Students seeking to live on campus must complete a Housing Application through the myHousing portal and must submit a housing deposit. Continuing students must submit a housing deposit and a housing application by the application deadline to participate in the annual Room Selection Process. More information about our process can be found at our Room Selection Information Website! Continuing students who do not deposit and apply for housing on time will not be permitted to participate in the Room Selection Process and will be placed in housing on a space available basis.

  • The Housing License Agreement is binding for both fall and spring semester. The University does close the residence halls for Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Summer Break. Students who wish to reside on campus during break periods must apply through their myHousing portal and receive approval from the Office of Residential Life. Students residing on campus during Winter Break and Summer Break will be charged for their stay.

  • Continuing students who sign their Housing License Agreement as part of the Room Selection Process may cancel their Housing License Agreement by May 1 for the following academic year. Cancellations after May 1 are not permitted. Continuing students seeking to be released from their Housing License Agreement after May 1 must complete a Housing License Appeal, found on the myHousing portal.

    First-year and new transfer students who complete a Housing License Agreement after being accepted to the University may reach out to the Office of New Student Transitions at to cancel their Housing License Agreement up until the 1st day of classes. After the 1st day of classes, students must submit a Housing License Appeal form if they are seeking to cancel their housing.

    Any student who withdrawals or takes a leave of absence does not need to complete a Housing License Appeal Form.

  • All the fees that are charged to a student’s account for living on campus can be found on the University’s Tuition & Fees Website.

  • The housing deposit is nonrefundable and nontransferable. The housing deposit is used in conjunction with your housing application to hold a bed on campus for you. Once you are assigned to a space and you are billed, the deposit will be applied against your student account balance.

  • Your housing fees are due to be paid by the 1st of August with all other University fees.

    If you are a graduate student living at the Atwood, you will be charged rent each month for the following month (i.e., you will be charged for September’s rent in August).

  • The Office of Residential Life defines a private room as a room with only 1 occupant and no other roommates/suitemates. Please be advised, we have very limited private rooms on campus and most, if not all, are held for students who have approved housing modifications through the Accessibility Resources Center. If you need housing modification approval, please ensure that you visit ARC’s website, linked above, for important application dates and information. Students who apply late are not guaranteed to have their housing modifications met.

Amenities & Convenience
  • In continuing student housing, we offer semi-kitchens and full kitchens, depending on the building. First year student housing does not offer kitchens in students’ rooms, but we do have two common kitchens for students living in Westside Hall and Bethel Hall.

  • Yes, you can! We are in collaboration with MicroFridge and recommend that you rent your mini-fridge/microwave combination unit from that company. Our order-by date for fall semester is August 1.

  • All our beds are twin XL. Additionally, the bedframes are adjustable so that you can raise or lower your bed to your preference. Please be advised, we do not permit students to loft or bunk their beds without approval and assistance from our Facilities team. If this is something you wish for your space, please submit a work order to the Facilities department.

  • All students will receive a desk, a chair, a mattress, a bedframe, and a wardrobe. In areas with built in closets, students will not receive a wardrobe. In areas with living rooms and kitchens, students will receive furniture appropriate to those spaces. Desks and desk chairs are not provided in the Atwood or Park View.

  • Yes, but we recommend first connecting with your roommate(s) about the size of your space to avoid overcrowding your room. Please note, if your extra furniture prevents safe egress from your room, the Office of Residential Life will ask you to remove it permanently.

  • No; if you happen to have a vacancy in your room, it might not remain vacant for the entire year. Additionally, we have limited storage space to keep unwanted furniture. As a result, all furniture that is in your room/suite/apartment must remain in the space, constructed, and prepared to receive a new occupant.

  • While we do have many air-conditioned housing options on campus, not all our halls have air conditioning. If you need a housing modification for air conditioning, please consult with the Accessibility Resources Center. Please be advised, students are not permitted to bring their own air conditioning unit. Students who bring their own unit will be asked to remove it from the building.

  • The University does not offer storage; however, we have a collaboration with Storage Scholars! Storage Scholars is a program that you can sign up for and they will pick up your packed belongings (in boxes provided by Storage Scholars), store them for the summer, and return them to you for move-in day! Check out more information on the Storage Scholars website.

  • The University does not carry insurance on students’ personal property. We encourage all students to invest in personal property insurance to cover damages.

  • Students who lose their key must complete a Lost Key Form in myHousing. A temporary key will be issued and your lock change will be processed as quickly as possible. A rekey costs $115/key lost. If you were issued two keys and lost both, you will be charged $230.

  • Lost ID cards can be replaced at the Campus Card Office in Bergami Hall to the right of Dunkin’. ID cards $20 to replace and can only be paid for by credit card.

  • myHousing is the web portal by which students interact with the Office of Residential Life. To access myHousing, please log into myCharger and select the icon at the top of the screen that resembles a house, or follow this link.

Graduate Housing
Move-In Information
  • Only students approved to be on campus for specific University related reasons may move in early. While we do not permit students to move in early without being involved in a University organization or employed as a student worker, we do offer a program called Charlie’s Fast Pass (CFP). CFP is a designated time when a student may drop off their belongings, collect their keys, and then leave campus to return on their scheduled move in day. We provide this to allow students a quicker move-in process on move-in day. More information about CFP will be shared via email to our students during the summer months.

  • Yes, the Office of Residential Life does provide carts during our scheduled move in days. Our carts are flat, push carts. We recommend packing accordingly so your items do not fall off the cart as you are pushing it. We also recommend that if you have your own dolly/cart that you bring it. While we do offer carts, they are limited and we offer them on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • We do not offer guest housing and, per our Guest Policy, parents/guardians are not permitted to stay overnight in our residence halls.

  • Our packing list is available to download on the myHousing portal. Please review our prohibited items list in our Student Handbook.

  • Most students living on campus at the University of New Haven will have a roommate. Only 4% of our housing inventory are true singles (meaning that one would have no other roommates/suitemates) and those singles are reserved for students with approved Housing Modifications from the Accessibility Resources Center.

  • Yes. Students at any academic level can choose their roommate (note: graduate students can indicate a preferred roommate and can be placed with this person on a space-available basis. Graduate students may only live with other graduate students). This can be completed in the housing application. Please be advised, you will only see students who have completed their deposit and housing application when searching for a roommate. Additionally, if you are a first-year student and you cannot find your preferred roommate, it is likely because you and/or your preferred roommate were accepted to an Enhanced Learning Community. If you have any difficulty finding your roommate in the Roommate Selection section of the Housing Application, please reach out to our office!

  • If you are experiencing difficulty or conflict with your current roommate, please reach out to your building supervisor. You can find their information on our Staff Information Website!

Maintenance & Cleaning
  • You can submit a work order by logging into myCharger and clicking on the icon at the top of the screen that looks like a wrench. From there, select “Click Here to Enter The New Work Order System.” Once in the system, complete the work order form.

  • If you have an emergency facilities issue in your room, please contact the Residential Life staff in your residence hall and submit a work order. The Residential Life staff can contact Facilities to try to expedite the concern and ensure that that the correct people are working to resolve it.

  • Custodians maintain the cleanliness of our building lounges, the laundry rooms, stairwells, and common restrooms. However, it is our expectation that anyone living in our community does their part to ensure that they are not leaving large messes after using these common spaces. Our custodial team does not clean rooms/suites/apartments. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their living spaces. The only exception to this is in the Bixler Hall and Bethel Hall restrooms. Please be advised, there will be community damage billing assessed to areas where excessive cleaning is needed.

  • Cleaning your room (including your bathroom, kitchen, and living room) is your responsibility. Please note, cleanliness is assessed during our Health and Safety Inspections that occur throughout the academic year. Students found in violation of our cleanliness standards will fail their inspection and will be issued a reinspection date by which their room must be cleaned.

  • No. However, if the Residential Life staff assesses the room and determines that cleaning by the custodial staff is necessary on the vacant side, we will work with you to schedule a time to have the custodial team clean only the side of the room that is vacant.