Changing Employers

Changing employers while on OPT:

If a student wishes to change employer during their authorized Post-Completion OPT period they must submit the following:

  • OPT Employment Information Online Form
  • Upload the offer letter from the new employer (including employer name and address, start date, and number of hours per week)
  • Upload the photo or scan of the EAD card Photo
  • Indicate in the form your employment/job end date (the date you last worked at the previous job) or if you are still working at the previous position in addition to the new employer

Changing employers while on STEM OPT:

If a student wishes to change employer once they have been authorized for STEM OPT and received their EAD card, they must complete the following:

ADDITIONALLY, students on STEM OPT who are changing jobs must upload the following two documents on the same STEM OPT Employment Information Form as above:

  • New Form I-983 completed with the new employer
  • Copy of “Final Evaluation On Student Progress” found on pg. 5 of the Form I-983 completed by the previous employer.

While the STEM OPT application is processing, students cannot change jobs until they receive the new STEM EAD card. Changing jobs before receiving the new STEM EAD card can result in termination of OPT work authorization.