Parent Disclosure Policy

University of New Haven, Campus Access Services

The parent (or legal guardian) of a primary or secondary school pupil with a disability is an essential participant in school decisions about that child's disability-related needs. When that child enters the university, however, the parent no longer participates directly in the institution's decision-making process. The parent may continue to offer the student advice and support, but the student becomes solely responsible for communicating with university personnel about disability-related matters.

ARC staff are aware of the difficulty of this role change, and welcome the opportunity to offer advice and general policy information to the parents of students with disabilities; however, the parent is not recognized by the ARC as a surrogate for the student in matters related to the student's disability accommodations and services. In accordance with this perspective, the ARC has established the following regarding parental involvement.


A student who wishes to request disability accommodations or a formal review of disability documentation must submit a written and signed or in person request for such services. A request from a parent, a legal guardian, a clinician, a school official, or another third party will not be accepted in lieu of a direct request from the student.

ARC personnel will not discuss the following with the parent or legal guardian of a student unless the student is present during the discussion AND a signed release of information from the student is on file with the ARC.

  • the contents of a clinician's report or other documentation of disability
  • additional documentation needed to fulfill documentation requirements
  • the status of the disability documentation review process or the results of that process
  • a student's accommodation needs, approved disability accommodations or utilization of such accommodations, or the status of a student's request for accommodations and services
  • a student's academic progress

When appropriate, the student receives detailed written communication from the ARC concerning these matters. Parents and legal guardians are encouraged, therefore, to request information directly from the student.