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SURF and Honors Program Coordinator Is a University Alum Who Comes from a Proud Charger Family

Meet Lynne Resnick ’94, ’96 M.S., a program coordinator for the Provost’s Office, whose family includes three generations of Chargers. She enjoys connecting with current students through her work with programs such as the University’s Honors program.

November 7, 2023

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Lynne Resnick at the University’s 2023 Convocation.
Lynne Resnick at the University’s 2023 Convocation.

The lifeblood of the University of New Haven are the faculty and staff members who dedicate their lives to helping our students reach their goals. Periodically, we’ll introduce you to a member of the staff so you can learn more about them – beyond their day-to-day work.

Next up is Lynne Resnick ’94, ’96 M.S., a program coordinator for the Provost’s Office, who recently returned from a trip to Arizona, where she visited a friend and fellow University alum with her daughter.

Renee Chmiel: You are a member of a Charger family! Please tell us about it.

Lynne Resnick: My relationship with the University of New Haven goes back quite a few decades, spanning across three generations. But first I’ll start with me. My personal journey with the University began with my own academic pursuits, earning a bachelor’s degree in 1994 and subsequently a master's degree in 1996. I re-joined the University community in 2010 to begin a career as the Honors program coordinator and the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship coordinator (later on in 2015). My connection with the University community over the span of over three decades has been a profound and transformative journey, strengthening my commitment to and deepening my Charger pride for this great institution.

What makes this story even more special is that it's not just about a solo endeavor; it's a family affair.

Lynne Resnick with her dad, David C. Hennessey.
Lynne Resnick with her dad, David C. Hennessey.

It all began with my father, David C. Hennessey ’77 MBA, ’98 M.S., who was a graduate of the University with an MBA in the late '70s and a second master’s degree in '98. His impact on the University extended beyond his student years. He is not only an alum, but he also made substantial contributions as the director of human resources and an instructor for almost 20 years, showcasing his commitment and dedication to the University.

One of the most cherished and distinctive memories with my father (on campus) involved the times we had the opportunity to take graduate classes together in 1995-96. Studying alongside my father as a “peer” holds a special place in my heart. Also, following the time-honored University tradition, we were both fortunate and had the great pleasure of presenting each other with our diplomas on stage during both of our Commencement ceremonies. Despite the tragic loss of my father at the age of 58, his legacy continues to thrive within the Charger family. Many people still remember and reference him on many occasions.

My family's ties to the University run even deeper as both my daughters, Haleigh and Paige, are set to graduate in 2024. Haleigh is pursuing an MBA, while Paige is dedicated to earning a B.S. in health sciences with a focus on occupational therapy. Their achievements signify the continuation of our family’s Charger legacy, and I couldn't be more proud of their accomplishments and dedication.

As you can see, being a part of the University’s Charger family is more than just an affiliation; it's a multi-generational legacy and a shared passion for education. I am grateful for the opportunities and connections the University has provided me and my family, and I look forward to watching the continued growth and success of this remarkable community. Go Chargers!

Fun Fact: The first concert I ever went to featured Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and it happened right here on the University of New Haven campus at the senior spring week in 1987! This is a day etched in my memory because I was a high school sophomore, and it marked not only my first experience of college life but also my very first concert! I have my father to thank, as he was director of human resources and managed to score me two tickets. (So, my University experiences started even earlier than I let on above!)

RC: You visited Arizona earlier this fall. What did you do there?

LR: In late October, I took a trip to Mesa, Arizona, accompanied by my daughter, Paige. Our main purpose was to enjoy some quality mother-daughter bonding and rekindle a connection with my dearest friend, Penny Douglas Lock ’93, who is also University of New Haven alumna and with whom I shared a portion of my college experience. One day, our Arizona adventure led us to the beautiful landscapes of Sedona, where we immersed ourselves in the breathtaking natural beauty of the area while on a hike to Devil’s Bridge. Loving the mid-90's temperatures, we found ourselves savoring those warm, sun-soaked days before returning to the cool Connecticut temps.

Lynne Resnick recently visited Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, Arizona.
Lynne Resnick recently visited Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, Arizona.

Essentially, we ate our way through this fun state, with our meals revolving around the state’s delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine. Exploring all that Arizona has to offer in just five short days felt like we merely scratched the surface. As a result, we're already plotting our return trip to delve deeper into its wonders. This trip provided us with the perfect opportunity to recharge, reconnect, and be grateful for the extraordinary relationships that we have.

RC: What’s your favorite restaurant in the greater New Haven area?

LR: Although I do not have a favorite restaurant in the area (too many to choose from!), one memorable experience took place on my recent birthday in July, when my family celebrated my special day at Caffé Bravo. This restaurant is truly a hidden gem located right in the middle of New Haven's East Rock neighborhood. For me, what made this restaurant stand out is its authentic Italian cuisine, especially the most delicious homemade pasta that I have ever had. I also really enjoyed the charming, neighborhood setting where we were able to eat dinner outdoors on the quaint patio that was well-lit by enchanting string lights. It was such a terrific experience from start to finish; the finish being a chocolate flourless cake with ice cream and a birthday candle on top. I'm already eagerly anticipating my next visit, and the pappardelle with wild mushrooms is a dish I'll be daydreaming about until then!

RC: What’s the most thoughtful thing someone has ever done for you?

LR: I've encountered many kind and generous people over the years, but one particular instance that stands out is when I was honored with the Bartels Staff Award in 2015, while celebrating my five-year work anniversary at the University. I felt incredibly honored and genuinely taken aback, to the point where I was left speechless. This moment in my career was pivotal, as it made me realize that I was indeed making a difference and a significant impact at the University, and my efforts were being recognized and truly appreciated. One of my esteemed colleagues who nominated me shared phrases such as "Lynne is the face of the Honors Program" and has referred to me as the “fearless leader” of the Honors Program. Hearing their kind words and receiving such impressive accolades was and still is overwhelming. At this memorable luncheon, I had the great pleasure of sitting with the donors, Phil and Susan Bartels, President Emeritus Kaplan and Dr. Henry Lee and his wife, along with other influential University leaders. It is a day that I will never forget!

Lynne Resnick hiking with her dogs Scooby (left), Archie (center), and Jack in Prospect, CT.
Lynne Resnick hiking with her dogs Scooby (left), Archie (center), and Jack in Prospect, CT.

RC: Do you have any pets?

LR: Early in 2022, our family welcomed two 8-week-old yellow Labrador mix brothers into our home. They go by the names of Archie and Jack. Needless to say, they were (and still are) balls of energy round the clock. A few months later, our family encountered a challenging decision. We chose to provide a loving home to Scooby, a 2-year-old black mouthed cur mix from South Carolina who had previously experienced abuse and abandonment. Even though we already had our hands full with the two lively puppies, we made the decision to embrace Scooby into our family and adopt him. They keep our family very busy!

RC: Please tell us about your son’s new endeavor.

LR: Although my 19-year-old son, Logan, opted not to pursue higher education at the University of New Haven, he charted a different path than his two older sisters, setting a new, lasting legacy for our family. Both of us take pride in being co-owners of an auto detailing shop, Detailance Auto Salon, located in Branford, CT established in March 2023. (Insert shameless plug!) Our company provides top-tier auto detailing services, with Logan at the forefront, offering exceptional and remarkable service while I work behind the scenes. Together, as a mother-son team, we bring a distinctive and personal approach to the auto detailing industry. I take great pride in Logan’s dedication to pursuing his passion! Operating a business falls beyond my comfort zone, but it's genuinely a labor of love, a rewarding pursuit, especially when working on it together with my son.

RC: What do you enjoy the most about your role at the University?

LR: There is so much to say. What I cherish most about my role at the University is the opportunity to engage daily with exceptionally talented students and to accompany them on their academic journeys. It's truly remarkable to witness these young researchers immerse themselves in complex projects, generating significant results whether it’s completing their senior year Honors thesis or their 10-week Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Their dedication and accomplishments truly inspire me.

Lynne Resnick and her family
Lynne Resnick and her family at a wedding in Massachusetts. Left to right: Haleigh, Logan, Dave, Lynne, Paige.

Also, I find traveling with the Honors program student cohort to off-campus events to be equally exciting and rewarding. Whether it involves traveling yearly to Edgerton Park in New Haven to experience a Shakespeare performance outdoors, a visit to New York City where I have had the unique opportunity to tour the Federal Reserve Bank and hold a real gold bar or the unforgettable experience of standing on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange as the closing bell rang for the day.

Closer to home, we dedicated years of volunteer work on a horse farm in Litchfield, preparing the land for the winter season, which entailed tasks such as constructing paddocks, tending to gardens, splitting and stacking wood, and manually clearing the fields of numerous rocks.

Another cherished memory was our private “behind the scenes” tour of the PEZ Factory, where we indulged in freshly made Pez candies right off the production line. The Pez candy was actually warm to the touch! Soon, I'll be leading a group of Honors students to the Shubert Theater in New Haven to experience the hit musical "Come From Away."

Additionally, I very much enjoy collaborating and working alongside many talented colleagues on campus. I consistently participate in a variety of campus events and fully embrace wearing multiple hats at the University. I wouldn’t have it any other way!