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The mission of the Honors Program is to help students become inquisitive thinkers who possess the skills necessary to ask profound questions, to recognize and respect diverse perspectives, to solve complex problems, and to express their vision creatively and persuasively to others. Honors courses emphasize inquiry, interdisciplinary problem solving, and the effective expression of ideas. The program culminates in the honors thesis, a year-long research, service, or creative project on a question or problem chosen by the student. Every graduate of the Honors Program will have demonstrated the ability to work independently in their chosen field.

The Honors Program brings together a very special group of students – highly motivated, intellectually curious, and eager to talk about what they’re learning.  You’ll have plenty of stimulation in talking with your fellow Honors students, both in class and after class.  The Honors Program also sponsors events throughout the academic year, when you’ll go far afield and broaden your cultural horizons together. 

First-year honors students can become even more immersed in the honors community because they are eligible to live in the Honors Living Learning Community, where they have their own floor in one of our on-campus residences.  Long talks into the night, help with homework just a few steps away, and shared trips and activities are just some of what you can look forward to.

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  • Students with exceptional academic qualifications will receive an application to the Honors Program after their admission to the university. Additionally, students may request an application to the program by contacting Jessica Goddu, Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions, at JGoddu@newhaven.edu or the Honors Program at honors@newhaven.edu.

    In addition, students who achieve a minimum GPA of 3.3 in their first semester at the University of New Haven may apply to the Honors Program. Transfer students who have 32 credit hours or less may also apply, provided they have a minimum GPA of 3.5 from their previous institution.

    To graduate as an Honors Scholar, students must complete the following:

    • HNRS 1112 "Seminar in Academic Inquiry and Writing" (3 credits)
    • HNRS 4459 "Developing an Honors Thesis Proposal" (1 credit)
    • Four other honors courses of the student’s choice, two of which must 3000-level or above (at least 12 credits)
    • The honors thesis (3 credits)
  • Every student who is selected to participate in the Honors Program will receive an annual $1,000 scholarship in addition to any other merit-based awards received. In their sophomore and junior years, honors students may also apply for one of six prestigious Hatfield Scholar Awards, which are granted on the basis of academic excellence, campus involvement, and community service. Hatfield scholars receive an additional $3,000 scholarship and a bronze medallion at graduation.

  • The Honors LLC is open to a small number of incoming first-year honors students. Residents in the LLC live in one of the University's on-campus residences and benefit from a rich array of activities and programs. All residents of the Honors Program LLC will have the opportunity to participate in special events. In the past, residents of the LLC have toured museums in downtown New Haven, gotten lost in the corn maze at Lyman Orchards, hiked up Sleeping Giant, visited the Museum of Tolerance in New York, and seen the musical Peter and the Starcatcher on Broadway.