Planetree Certification

Planetree LogoThe University of New Haven’s School of Health Sciences is one of the first schools in the United States to pursue higher education certification from Planetree International. The partnership between the School of Health Sciences and Planetree International represents an unprecedented opportunity to develop and grow a health professions educational experience from the ground up, with a person-centered care approach in mind.

The Planetree Difference

The School of Health Sciences and our students, graduates, and alumni are different from others in the region because of our relationship with Planetree.

Students who attend our School of Health Sciences will notice key differences in our approach to health professions education, our environment, and our culture.

The key elements of the Planetree approach that are incorporated across the School of Health Sciences include:

  • Novel curriculum teaching person-centered care principles for all health sciences students
  • Classrooms and learning environments that promote transparency and student engagement
  • Student and parent participation in School of Health Sciences committees and governance
  • Events that focus on inclusion, holism, caring, and wellness
About Planetree

Planetree International is a leading nonprofit that works with organizations around the world to promote patient-centered care as a model for improving the quality of health care. Planetree International was founded in 1978 to inspire health care professions to make patients partners in their care by personalizing and humanizing the patient experience, which the organization has done in a whole new way.

Planetree provides education and information as part of a collaborative community of healthcare organizations, facilitating efforts to create patient-centered care in healing environments. Being part of this network enables the University of New Haven School of Health Sciences to excel at training competent, caring health professionals and at delivering innovative, interdisciplinary healthcare education and services that are student-centered, focused on excellence, have a global reach.

For more information regarding our Planetree certification, or if you are interested in joining our Planetree Committee, please contact Heather Ennis, Director of Accreditation and Assessment at