Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates are designed as options for students who hold a baccalaureate degree or a master's degree and who want to enroll in a part-time, short, coherent course of study at the graduate level.

Those who may not be ready to commit to a full-length graduate program, as well as those who already hold a graduate degree but want to pursue additional work in the same or another field, may find that a certificate provides the perfect alternative.

School of Health Sciences offers the following graduate certificates:
  • Healthcare Administration

    This certificate is useful for professionals employed in the public, private, or nonprofit sector of the healthcare field. Course work provides students with a foundation across the five domains of healthcare administration: communication and relationship management, leadership, professionalism, knowledge of healthcare environment, and general business knowledge and skills. The certificate prepares them to be knowledgeable about key aspects of the healthcare industry.

    Healthcare Administration Certificate

  • Long-Term Health Care

    This certificate is approved by the Department of Health Services, State of Connecticut, as a course of study in long-term health care. Students who complete this 12-credit certificate are eligible to take the state licensing examination for long-term care administration, preparing individuals for participation in this area of expanding opportunities for health care practitioners.

    Long-Term Health Care Certificate

  • Nutritional Genomics

    The certificate in Nutritional Genomics provides the detailed understanding of the principles of nutritional genomics, such as how individual genetic variation can influence the assimilation and metabolism of nutrition and how nutrition can affect the expression of certain genes known to be involved in chronic diseases.

    Nutritional Genomics Certificate