Dietetic Internship program Concentration

Program Concentration: Community Nutrition & Wellness

Upon completion of the program, graduates are able to:

1. Identify local community food growing operations and demonstrate the ability to translate sustainable food growing practices to enhance knowledge for every day consumers.

2. Research new innovative global strategies for sustainable food production and present information (infographic) to classmates with the potential for application to local, community initiatives.

The University of New Haven’s Dietetic Internship program emphasizes community nutrition and wellness preparing interns to be community nutritionists with emphasis upon wellness. Supervised practice experience in the realm of community nutrition education fosters effective communication skills that enhance access to fresh food and support of sustainable food practices.

These efforts will prepare graduates to actively contribute to future community nutrition program planning during their dietetic internship experience. The New Haven community is an ideal location for studying food service systems, sustainability and access to wholesome food by diverse cultures.