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Imagine Where Your Master's Degree Could Take You

The Graduate School at the University of New Haven offers over 60 graduate degree and certificate programs to help prepare students for success in their careers and lives. Whether in degree or certificate programs, our courses of study deliver skills and experiences that will help you make the most of real-world opportunities and maximize your career potential.


Nearly 2,000 graduate students are earning advanced degrees at the University of New Haven in the fields of Engineering, Public Safety, Business, and the Arts and Sciences. Classes average fewer than 25 students, allowing for faculty-student interaction and attention. The faculty take an active role with students and act as advisors in discussions about career options and plans for personal and professional growth and development.

Program Options

The University of New Haven offers 30 master's degree programs and a Ph.D. program in Criminal Justice. Our master's degree programs span four academic colleges: the College of Arts & Sciences, Pompea College of Business, Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences, and Tagliatela College of Engineering. For students who wish to earn a graduate credential but not complete a full degree program, graduate certificates are available in each college. Graduate certificates generally include 12-15 credits of coursework. See our inquiry form to view the full list of our programs and certificates.

Hands-On Application

The University of New Haven prides itself on providing its students with a high-value degree rooted in a practical, hands-on educational model. Practically speaking, that means our graduate students work closely with highly-experienced and engaged faculty in a collaborative environment meant to bring out the best in all parties. University of New Haven students have the opportunity to study in "hands-on" facilities like our crime scene training center, partake in internship opportunities to gain "real world" experience, and engage in cutting-edge research.

  • Designed for professionally employed engineers and scientists, the Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering increases each student's knowledge and competence in modern analysis and synthesis techniques as they apply to engineering design.

  • The University of New Haven offers a Master's degree program in Industrial Engineering which seamlessly bridges theory with hands-on application that allows graduates to be not only productive, but leaders in their chosen industry.

  • The Master of Science program in Civil Engineering is uniquely designed for individuals with a keen interest in civil, environmental, and construction engineering and sustainability who want to improve their core competencies in analysis and design, areas that are critical for multifaceted civil engineering projects of the future.

  • Our 30-credit master's degree program blends the presentation of theory with hands-on practice. This equips our students with a solid foundation of skills, and more importantly, the ability to adapt to the constantly evolving landscape of the computing discipline. Our graduates are not only productive in their new jobs, but quickly rise to leadership positions.

  • A Cybersecurity and Networks graduate will be equipped with the demonstrated, practical knowledge necessary to rapidly become a productive employee whose duties include protecting the security of computer systems, recovering forensic data related to computer crimes, and the setup, configuration and maintenance of small to large-scale networks.

  • The University of New Haven's Master of Business Administration is preparing today's business leaders of tomorrow. Our MBA students develop the critical skills to analyze modern business problems and devise complex solutions, think strategically, and manage all aspects of the modern business enterprise.

  • Our master's program is the oldest and most established in Connecticut and the oldest program in the United States continually housed in a business school. We have always focused on business and continue to lead the nation in cutting-edge business applications in sports.

  • The University of New Haven M.S. in Finance program is designed to prepare students to compete in the financial world. Graduates of the program will know and apply the standard features of the three core areas of finance: investments, corporate finance, and derivatives, while making appropriate, ethically-based decisions.

  • Our Master of Healthcare Administration provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to lead a health care organization into the 21st century.

  • The Forensic Science graduate program is one of the foremost forensic science programs in the nation, stressing up-to-date analytical and scientific methods as well as a broad understanding of the concepts underlying the forensic sciences.

  • Forensic technology is a developing discipline that combines traditional crime scene techniques with advanced instrumentation and measurements. Students in this program will master various forms of forensic field technology such as portable instrumentation and forensic database usage.

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