Sign a Master Promissory Note

Info For Graduate Students

The Master Promissory Note is your promise to repay the Federal Direct Student Loan.  The Promissory Note is completed once for University of New Haven, and will remain valid for the entire length of your academic career at the University of New Haven.

You will need the following information to complete the Master Promissory Note:

  1. Your social security number and birthdate
  2. An email address
  3. Your general contact information, i.e. permanent address*, phone number etc.
  4. Your driver’s license number and the state that issued the license
  5. Name, home address,and phone number for two references (the first reference is normally a parent; the second should be another adult living at a different address*)
  6. You MUST use a street address - P.O. Box addresses are NOT allowed


You are able to opt out of signing the Promissory Note at any time by either selecting "cancel" on the screen or escaping out of the website. In addition, you can cancel the pending Direct Student Loan after the Promissory Note has been submitted by contacting the University of New Haven Financial Aid Office.

Remember, you have the right to decline the Federal Direct Student Loan if you do not need the money to assist with paying your educational expenses.  You must notify the Office of Financial Aid in writing to cancel a Federal Direct Student Loan once it has been accepted as part of your Financial Aid Award.