Data Analytics

CFA provides a unique perspective to data analytics as it has served as a data creator supporting public sector initiatives for more than Fifteen years. Through delivering this data to clients in a variety of analytic packages, CFA has developed a powerful capability in the analytics field. As a vendor neutral analytics hub, CFA provides clients with analytic insights to both data it has created as well as existing repositories of information made available by partner organizations.

CFA partners receive direct analytic support to allow for policy makers to identify or predict patterns before they develop into trends. These approaches were developed to support law enforcement and national security interdiction strategies, such as gun violence reduction efforts. They have since been repurposed to support safety and health analytics. For example, CFA has utilized these approaches to analyze safety and operations data to support United Airlines in reducing employee injuries. This application of the CFA analytics approach was awarded the National Safety Council’s Green Cross Award for Safety Innovation.

The graphic below reflects a few of the analytic products derived from the United Airlines Partnership.

United Airlines Collaboration