Gerber Hall

Gerber Hall (formerly Botwinik) is a large suite-style residence hall for first year students with 2 bedrooms joined together by a common living area and bathroom.

Four to six students per suite. Each floor has their own lobby with couches, chairs, tables, dry erase boards for homework, and a television set.

  • There are seven resident assistants (RA), one academic peer mentor (APM), and one Community Director (CD) in the building.
  • Each bedroom consists of a bed, desk, desk chairs, and a wardrobe per resident.
  • Each suite has a common room equipped with shelves, and a private bathroom maintained by the residents of the suite.
  • The first floor of the building features sound-proof music practice rooms that are accessible to music major students through the music department. The students can sign-up for a time with the music department secretary and then retrieve the key from her at their allotted time. The key can also be obtained after hours with University Police.
  • Conveniently located directly across from the 58,000-square-foot David A. Beckerman Recreation Center and next to the Health Services Office.
  • All aspects of their suites maintained and managed by students, instilling independence and responsibility.
  • Elevator access.

Experience Gerber Hall

Irene Sogotis

Irene Sogotis '18

Talks About Living in Gerber Hall

"Living in Gerber Hall is a unique and exciting experience. Coming into college after high school is a huge adjustment and one not to be taken lightly, but living in such an open and friendly educational environment certainly makes the transition easier. With every door open at every hour of the day, making phenomenal friends is easy. Sharing a room with two other people and a common room with three more offers you many chances to connect with students who have different concentrations in your major.

Our RAs arrange trips to help expand our knowledge of our major and give us the chance to spend a day with the whole floor.

A sense of family and community just comes naturally in our hall. Choosing the University of New Haven was the best decision I made, and living in Gerber Hall made my experience all the better."

Virtual Tour

Gerber Hall, 2-Bedroom Suite

Photos of Gerber Hall
Room inside Gerber Hall

Room inside Gerber Hall

Room inside Gerber Hall

Another view of a room inside Gerber Hall

Outside of Gerber Hall

Outside of Gerber Hall