Bethel Hall

Lawrence L. Bethel Hall has 17 suites, labeled AN through HN (north side of building) and AS through IS (south side of building).

Each suite consists of double rooms with 12 residents per suite. The hall features the largest square footage of all the First-Year suites. There is a spacious central lounge with air conditioning providing ample study and community space with couches, chairs, and a large flat screen TV. The north side connects with the south side through this lounge.

Bethel Hall underwent major renovations and upgrades during the summer of 2014. Included in the project were: residential space upgrades; a new common room; heating, lighting and building control upgrades; a new roof; and all-new landscaping and retaining walls to create a small quad area directly in front of the building.

  • There are six resident assistants (RA's), one academic peer mentor (APM), and one Residence Director in the building.
  • Each bedrooms consists of a bed, dresser, desk, chair, and wardrobe per resident.
  • Each suite consists of a large common room with lounge furniture as well as a large bathroom with 2 showers, 2 toilets, and two sinks. There is wall-to-wall carpeting in suites.
  • The hall is the closest of all residence halls to the academic buildings and theater.
  • Directly across from the University’s main dining hall.
  • Kitchenette in main lounge.

Experience Bethel

Steavi Swinson

Steavi Swinson ‘16

Talks About Living in Bethel Hall

“What I loved about living in Bethel was being in a suite — it automatically gave me 12 new friends. Having such a big group of friends made me feel so welcome and at home. They were my mini family.

The best part was the diversity and being able to appreciate everyone’s differences — we had music, business, and English majors, athletes, and girls from all over the country. They’ve made a big impact on my college experience, and we all still keep in touch.”

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Bethel Hall Suite

Photos of Bethel
Main lounge inside Bethel Hall

The main lounge inside Bethel Hall

Common living area inside Bethel Hall

A common living area inside Bethel Hall

Bethel Hall

Front view of Bethel Hall