Marching Band Prospective Members

Chargers Marching Band members are a true cross-section of the University, representing a wide range of studies at the University of New Haven. Members include those with championship high school and drum corps experience as well as those whose high school bands did not march at all. All rehearsals bring both experienced and non-experienced marchers together in one cohesive learning environment. Advanced members improve their skills and share their talents with incoming members allowing students new to marching to be able to embrace a fun and educational environment, while being a part of a dynamic organization.

Under the direction of Jason L. DeGroff the University of New Haven Marching Band is one of the fastest-growing collegiate marching bands in the country! What started with 20 members in 2009 has grown to almost 300 in six years!

Anyone interested in the Marching Band is invited to join us at one of our regular rehearsals and to submit your information on this page.