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Environmental Science Graduate Student: ‘Every Single Day at the University of New Haven is a Privilege’

From her research exploring the ecology of wetlands to the connections she’s made with her fellow Chargers, Precious Adesoji ’23 M.S. has enjoyed her time at the University. An international student who hails from Nigeria, she says she has found a welcoming and supportive community as well as a “home away from home.”

March 6, 2023

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Precious Adesoji Adesoji ’23 M.S. standing in wetlands holding scientific equipment.
Precious Adesoji ’23 M.S. conducting research in Branford, Conn

When Precious Adesoji ’23 M.S. came to the United States from Nigeria to pursue her graduate degree at the University, she brought with her a background in geology, a keen curiosity, and a willingness to connect with others. She was excited to get involved and to make the most of her time as a Charger – and she has done just that – and more.

Precious Adesoji ’23 M.S. posing in front of dinosaur bones.
Precious Adesoji ’23 M.S. visiting a museum.

While coming to a new country was, at times, challenging, Adesoji approached it with resilience and a sense of humor. Her professors soon saw in her a leader with the ability to remain jovial, even when facing adversity.

“As an international student from a small city in Nigeria, I feel that every single day at the University of New Haven is a privilege to me,” said Adesoji. “I’m proud of my ability to persevere and overcome challenges academically and personally.”

A candidate in the University’s graduate program in environmental science, Adesoji has maintained her enthusiasm both in and out of the classroom. She’s found a “family and home away from home” with her fellow members of the African Graduate Student Association. She has wonderful memories of her involvement on campus, including sharing and celebrating African culture at the Taste of Africa Event last spring. She says it was a fun way to make new friends and experience different cultures.

‘Prepared me for a smooth transition’

A source of support and a mentor for incoming international graduate students, Adesoji has excelled in the classroom and in the field. Under the supervision of Sharon Kahara, Ph.D., she conducted research on wetlands ecology. Adesoji enjoyed studying the relationship between vegetation composition and carbon storage in salt marshes, and she’s grateful for the support and guidance of her professors.

“I really loved how Dr. Kahara was always there to pick up her phone whenever we encountered any issues,” she said. “I'm also grateful to Dr. Daniel May, as he advised me early on things I could encounter while analyzing and how to avoid certain mistakes. The Department of Biology and Environmental Science also provided the equipment I needed to successfully complete my research smoothly and easily.”

After she completes her degree later this semester, Adesoji looks forward to beginning her career in the field of environmental science. She also plans to pursue her doctorate.

“My education has exceptionally prepared me for a smooth transition from school to work by providing me with the skills necessary to succeed,” said Adesoji. “My courses have taught me exceptional critical thinking skills and that the answers I seek will not always be right in my face. I have learned that high-quality results take hard work, and I feel prepared for real-life situations and for my career.”

Precious Adesoji ’23 M.S. conducted research on wetlands ecology.
Precious Adesoji ’23 M.S. conducted research on wetlands ecology.