Sharon Kahara, Ph.D.

Sharon Kahara Headshot
Assistant Professor

Biology and Environmental Science
College of Arts and Sciences

B.Sc., Biology Science, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
M.Sc., Environmental Science and Technology, International Institute for Infrastructural Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering
Ph.D., Wildlife and Fisheries, South Dakota State University

About Sharon

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in Kenya, where I was born. I knew early on that I wanted to study nature and wildlife having grown up surrounded by such a rich natural heritage. I went on to pursue my master's degree in Environmental Science and Technology in The Netherlands and became intrigued by wetlands habitats. Unlike uplands, marine or lake habitats, wetlands have the unique ability to switch from dry, terrestrial conditions to fully aquatic ones, sometimes in a very short span of time. This led me to delve further into their study and on ways to fully harness their potential by understanding the mechanisms driving productivity and wildlife use.

My doctoral research focused on the impacts of wetland spatio-temporal fluctuations on waterfowl and their diet items. I am also very interested in exploring new and innovative ways to assess habitats and wildlife occurrence. If you're interested in learning more about wetlands, aquatic habitats and wildlife assessment, please contact me and ask about my current and future research in the U.S. and abroad.