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IDEA Council Subcommittee Co-Chair Reflects on Efforts to Enhance Recruitment and Retention of Faculty and Staff

In advance of the start of the 2022-23 academic year, Patrick McGrady, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology, offers an update on the ongoing work of a University-wide committee focusing on attracting employees as well as enabling them to find a true sense of belonging as part of our community. He also introduces a new co-chair to support these efforts.

August 15, 2022

By Patrick McGrady

The IDEA Council’s Subcommittee on Faculty and Staff Retention is working to enrich the experience of all University employees.
The IDEA Council’s Subcommittee on Faculty and Staff Retention is working to enrich the experience of all University employees.

The IDEA Council’s Subcommittee on Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention is pleased to report some progress on several important projects.

During the 2021-2022 academic year we successfully launched a University-wide initiative creating affinity networks. These networks are meant to be spaces for individuals sharing a common background or identity to support one another; facilitate formal and informal programs; help the IDEA Council and other offices identify opportunities for more inclusive policy; and generally strengthen the sense of belonging at the University.

In the spring, the IDEA Council hosted several kickoff events to introduce the new affinity networks to our community. From this, we launched several groups centering on race/ethnicity; LGBTQ+ and gender identity; early-career professionals; and working parents. Affinity networks are open to all who wish to join or who are interested in starting their own. For more information, email Patrick McGrady at

‘Strengthening the University’s commitment….’

Looking ahead to the start of the 2022-23 academic year, our subcommittee will be working with the Provost’s office to pilot a Diversity Search Ambassador program. The goal of this program is to identify members of search committees to receive advanced training on implicit bias and identifying elements of institutional discrimination. These individuals will serve as experts in these areas while participating on various faculty and staff search committees.

Patrick McGrady, Ph.D.
Patrick McGrady, Ph.D.

We will also be continuing our work to review demographic data on hiring and retention, with the goal of building resources and recommendations for strengthening the University’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging.

Finally, we are also happy to announce that Robin Salters will be stepping into a co-chair role for this subcommittee. Robin, who has transitioned from the Department of athletics after 30 years as a coach and administrator to serve as director of strategic initiatives in the Office of the President, has been an active member of our subcommittee and the IDEA Council more broadly for the past several years.

She has done excellent work in fostering critical conversation on social justice and inclusion with the Athletics department through advising and facilitating the Charger Alliance Chat Series, and we are looking forward to the contributions she is sure to make to our subcommittee moving forward.

Thank you for your continued support of and involvement in efforts and initiatives that enrich our experience as employees and enable us all to feel welcomed in our community and valued in our roles.