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New Dental Hygiene Graduate Reflects on Time as a Charger

Meet Krystal Quaynor ’21, who will be recognized during the University of New Haven’s virtual Winter Commencement ceremony in January. She is grateful for the fond memories she has with her classmates and the support of her dedicated professors.

December 17, 2020

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Krystal Quaynor '21.
Krystal Quaynor '21, a dental hygiene major.

Krystal Quaynor ’21 says she was one of the few kids who was excited to go to the dentist. She has always been interested in dentistry, and she remembers asking many questions during her dental appointments, intrigued by everything the dentist was doing.

Quaynor is now graduating with her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene. As she reflects on her time as a Charger, she says she is ready to be a hygienist.

“The University has done a lot to prepare me for success,” she said. “Our instructors taught us so much valuable information and held us to such high standards. Now that I am entering the workforce, it makes for an easier transition.”

Krystal Quaynor '21.
Krystal Quaynor '21.

A resident assistant, Quaynor was a member of the University’s Black Student Union and NAACP chapter. She had planned to complete an internship in Arizona earlier this year providing dental care to members of Navajo Nation. Unfortunately, the trip was canceled due to the coronavirus global pandemic.

Remaining resilient, Quaynor collaborated with several of her classmates to create a “Local Anesthesia Survival Guide,” a legacy, of sorts, that she will leave for future Chargers.

“This will be a study guide for future dental hygiene classes at the University of New Haven,” she explained. “It will assist them clinically, in class, or with studying for their board exams.”

Quaynor says what she will remember most about her time as a student are of her work in the University’s dental hygiene clinic and classes. She is particularly grateful for the support of her professors. She says she’ll never forget an especially meaningful interaction she had with Jeralyn Fantarella, DMD, an adjunct faculty in the University’s Allied Health Department.

“My favorite memory is when Dr. Fantarella stayed after clinic and had a heart to heart with a few of my fellow classmates and me,” said Quaynor, who hopes to eventually continue her education with an advanced degree. “During this time, she discussed her journey and encouraged us to stay positive, never give up, and follow our dreams. I’m looking forward to making her proud.”