CEA Course: Studio Arts


A course that takes full advantage of living and studying in Florence, students will be sketching and drawing on location at famous sites of historical and visual interest. Lectures and presentations document how Florence has inspired artists for centuries, and students explore artistic techniques and creativity through personal sketchbooks. Prerequisites: a previous knowledge of drawing is advisable but not required. An understanding of Renaissance art history is helpful but not required either. Additional fee applies. Credits: 3


With an introduction to the basic principles and techniques of drawing, you discover and develop expressive skills while exploring the rich cultural heritage of Paris through an inspired and intensive process of onsite and studio drawing. In pencil, charcoal, Conté or ink, instruction includes gesture, measurement & proportion, contour, tone, composition, mark-making, perspective and texture. Additional fee applies. Credits: 3


Following the step-by-step process outlined in Cennino Cennini's 14th-century treatise on art, ll Libro dell'Arte, students use the same materials and follow the same course of instruction, in abbreviated form, as Renaissance apprentices. The course includes basic exercises in drawing, copying from frescoes and sculptures, and an introduction to the Renaissance painting techniques of egg tempera and buon fresco. Additional fee applies. Credits: 3