CEA Course: Anthropology

SOC320 Critical Perspectives on Italy: Contemporary Society and Culture

This course provides you with an interactive experience of contemporary life in Italy, by exploring a range of defining features of this country and its people. In-class and on-site lectures will alert you to salient socio-political and cultural phenomena in current Italian life, triggering critical analysis and evaluation of your surroundings. In particular, you will observe and reflect on practices of identity formation, as these are expressed in class, gender, and community relations; political allegiance and conflict; cultural alignment or dissent; social solidarity and artistic innovation. Credits: 3

Cross listed as ANT320 Critical Perspectives on Italy: Contemporary Society and Culture

ANT321 Gender As A Social Construct: (Re)Defining Roles in Italian Society

This course introduces you to the lives of Italian women from a socio-cultural and historical point of view and provides a unique and insightful understanding of key issues in Italian society and culture. You learn about women in Italy through direct experience and guided observation, thus developing intercultural skills that you will be able to apply throughout and beyond this course. You will analyze the role of women in Italy today and in the past, discussing key themes such as: the definition of gender as a cultural construct; the ways in which gender ideas and values are learned, shared and contested; the main characteristics of gender in Italy; gender, age and power differentials; gender and politics; Catholic culture in Italy and its impact on women’s lives; family law and divorce; reproductive rights: abortion, artificial insemination, the day after pill; equal opportunities in business environments; the representation of women in the media and the changes brought about by Silvio Berlusconi’s media empire; women in fashion and the arts. All issues are considered within their social, political, economic and historical context, thus helping you establish interdisciplinary connections between different spheres of human life. Language of instruction: English. Credits: 3

Cross listed as GEN 231