Prospective Students: Discover Your Future

From the beginning steps of figuring out majors and potential career paths to the final steps of applying for jobs or to graduate school, the Career Development Center is with you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, professional, and student-focused office that will inspire, guide, prepare, and educate you on all things related to your career development.

  • The staff in the Career Development Center helps students through the decision-making process by reviewing individual interests, abilities, personality traits, and values. Through a combination of exploration, research, and practical experience, you can determine an area of study that suits you best. Your major will not necessarily dictate a specific career path so it’s important to select a major that motivates and interests you!

    To start the process, review the Academic Programs offered at the University of New Haven and create a list of majors that are appealing to you.

    If you plan on attending an Accepted Students Day, be sure to attend the special program for Exploratory Students where we discuss the process for choosing a major and show you resources and people available to help in your decision-making process.

    Then, once you arrive on campus be sure to visit the Career Development Center and the Center for Student Success for support on declaring your major!

  • Internships are one of the most relevant and important experiential learning experiences a University of New Haven student can undertake. Not only will an internship look great on your resume upon graduation, it will allow you to apply what you have learned inside the classroom to the real world and will also let you bring real-world learning back into the classroom!

    The University has created various internship programs you will have the opportunity to apply and participate in. Select the following links to read more:

  • There are a number of opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience, while earning a few extra dollars to pay bills and enjoy campus life. Students can search on-campus employment opportunities by logging into their myCharger account.

  • If you are thinking about graduate or professional school, the Career Development Center staff is available to discuss how an advanced degree will prepare you in your future career endeavors.

    Through research and exploration, you can determine if graduate school is the right fit for you. We can provide information on how to research graduate and professional programs, the application process, and can review personal statements.

    Check out our list of Academic Programs to learn more about the graduate programs offered at the University.

Success Stories

My experience at the University has taught me the importance of networking – and it led to my internship at the John B. Pierce Laboratory.

The program’s dedication to public service continues to grow year after year.