Research in Engineering, Computer Science, and Chemistry

If you have a passion for research, we have the opportunities you're looking for.

Whether your plans for the future involve taking your research expertise into industry or continuing your research activities in the academic sphere, the Tagliatela College of Engineering will prepare you to meet tomorrow’s challenges through participation in some of the most exciting, productive — and relevant — projects in the country.

Our programs are multi-disciplinary in order to give you the broadest foundation of knowledge. With the research possibilities at the University of New Haven, you won’t have to wait to apply that knowledge — you’ll use it here, in projects that stimulate your creativity and tap your innovative powers long before you take that first step into the world of industry or your next degree program.

In fact, we place such an emphasis on research at the University of New Haven that involvement in projects and use of our state-of-the-art equipment starts in the first year — uncommon in universities in the U.S.

In addition to class research assignments, there are numerous faculty-mentored research projects with professors who have made a name for themselves as leaders in their specific discipline. The projects take the form of independent study, laboratory research, and/or theses. They involve just a small number of students and often culminate in student presentations at venues such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, the CT Space Grant Consortium, and the National Council for Undergraduate Research Meeting on Capitol Hill and in having papers published in prestigious national journals. We strongly encourage our students to approach faculty members about these opportunities.

Our projects have received funding from federal and state agencies, private companies, and University funding for faculty and students through Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships.

Take a look at some of our projects through the links in this section. And remember, if you see a past project that interests you and wish you could work on it — you can! New students can pick up a project where it was left off and forge ahead with it.

Research Areas

Chemistry & Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Research

Civil and Environmental Engineering Research

Data Science Research

Electrical & Computer Engineering Research

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Research

Research Groups

Advanced Polymer Research Laboratory (APRL)

Biomaterials and Medical Device Innovation Laboratory

Cyber Forensics Research Group

Integrated Bioengineering Lab (Tissue Engineering Lab)

Integrative Materials Discovery Lab

Secure and Assured Intelligent Learning (SAIL) Lab

SARI (Security & ARtificial Intelligence) Research Lab