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Forensic Science Major Reflects on Her Time as a Member of the Charger Community

Whether she was cheering for her fellow Chargers on the soccer field, helping her classmates learn physics, or playing the keyboard in a band, Emily Verge ’24 has great memories of her time as a Charger. She’s looking forward to many more as she completes her bachelor’s degree and continues her education at the University.

February 21, 2024

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Anchal Bhatia ’24 MBA.
Emily Verge ’24, a forensic science major.

When Emily Verge ’24 was in high school, she decided to become a Charger because she was attracted to the University’s “excellent” forensic science program. Since officially joining the University community, she has enjoyed a variety of immersive learning experiences in her major – and so much more.

As she completes her bachelor’s degree, Verge reflects on the many memories she has of her time as a member of the Charger community. She has made great friends and applied what she learned in the classroom during an exciting internship, and she’s celebrated the accomplishments of her fellow Chargers.

“I am eternally thankful for the number of opportunities I have been given to create new friendships on campus and to watch these friends flourish throughout the years,” said Verge. “From cheering on one friend at her senior night for the University’s women's soccer team to supporting another friend’s speech at her dental pinning ceremony, I cannot think of a time I have not been filled with joy to watch my friends reach their full potentials after putting in such hard work.”

Emily Verge ’24 performs at a showcase on campus with the University’s Music Industry Club.
Emily Verge ’24 performs at a showcase on campus with the University’s Music Industry Club.

Verge will accept her degree as part of the University’s 2024 Commencement, which will include ceremonies over three days on the University’s main campus in West Haven, Conn. It’s a place where she already has fond memories – and is sure to create many more.

As she has connected with her fellow Chargers, Verge has enjoyed sharing her passions for science and music. As a Learning Assistant, Verge has worked with Kevin Green, Ph.D., offering support to students during his physics classes. She has also served as a laboratory assistant in molecular biology. She’s also brought her love of music to the campus and her fellow Chargers, helping students with their senior music capstone projects and playing the keyboard in a band on campus.

‘Prepared me for my future career’

Last summer, Verge had the “amazing opportunity” to intern in the CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) section of Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory’s DNA Unit. While shadowing several units of the laboratory, she explored the process of forensic analysis. Her internship also enabled her to gain immersive real-world experience.

“When I was not observing, I contributed to a major project that focused on bringing justice to past victims of sexual assault,” said Verge. “My time at the crime lab confirmed for me that forensic science was the path I wanted to take post-graduation.”

Verge plans to do just that by continuing her education at the University. She’ll begin her master’s degree in cellular and molecular biology this fall as part of the University’s 4+1 dual degree program. She’s excited to continue to power on as a Charger.

“My time at the University has helped me to prepare for success by actively allowing me to apply my education to the field I hope to pursue,” she said. “I am considerably grateful for the forensic science program’s laboratory courses that have been taught by professionals within the field. I feel that learning how to apply my knowledge from professors with firsthand experience has notably prepared me for my future career.”