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University Community Connected by a Culture of Kindness

The University’s recent Random Acts of Kindness Day underscored the commitment of Chargers to making a difference and offering a kind gesture to members of the University community.

March 3, 2023

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

The Charger statue at the University of New Haven.
The Charger statue at the University of New Haven.

Kindness matters. That was a message the Division of Student Affairs hoped to promote on the University’s recent Random Acts of Kindness Day. It was a celebration of Chargers who go above and beyond to make a difference in the University community.

In addition to campus-wide celebrations and fun giveaways, members of the University community had the opportunity to recognize their fellow Chargers for their kindness. They were also encouraged to extend their own gestures to others. Dozens of Chargers expressed their gratitude and appreciation for a variety of acts of kindness, recognizing everything from consistent support to the thoughtful gift of a favorite plant.

Below, read about several Chargers whose acts of kindness brightened, uplifted, and brought a smile to members of the University community.

Sadartha DiNello

Administrative coordinator, One Stop

“Sadartha consistently puts everyone else first and does little things that make a huge difference to our students and the staff in the One Stop. Whether it is checking in on people, making people feel welcome, filling the candy jar, or just a genuine concern for others, we thank you for all you do to make the University and the One Stop a better place.”

“Thank you for always helping me and my campus card staff with whatever we need. Sadartha is always a pleasure to talk to and gives so much to the One Stop and the University.”

Olajide Aderemi ’25 M.S.

Candidate, graduate program in chemistry

“When I first came to this country, I had no one, and even though he had not seen me before, he took care of me like his own sister. Helped me to find an apartment, guided and directed me on what to do and what not to do. He told me all I needed to know to get around the school, and he was a great help.”

Ian Shick
Ian Shick.
Ian Shick.

Assistant director of LGBTQ+ resources, Myatt Center for Diversity and Inclusion

“Ian goes above and beyond their job description when helping students. I really appreciate everything they do for the queer students at this school, and they’re such a kind person. They always say hi when I see them around campus, and they were one of the first people to make me feel welcome here.”

Marissa Vittorio, Eve Altieri, Brianne Sousa ’24 MBA, Shanice Hutchinson ’23

Assistant director of campus recreation, assistant director of programs and marketing for ChargerREC, candidate in the University’s MBA program, national security major, respectively

“This team put together and delivered ‘care baskets’ for some of our staff who were home sick with COVID. They went to Target, purchased items such as tea bags, candy, blankets and indoor plants to support our unwell staff and brighten their day. These baskets were delivered to their homes.”

Angela Karachristos
Angela Karachristos.
Angela Karachristos.

Talent acquisition manager, Human Resources‬‬‬‬

“Angela was amazing during my first few weeks at the University. She took the time to check in with me. A specific example was when I was talking to Angela and I mentioned I didn't have my University ID card yet. Without a hesitation, Angela insisted she walk me to Card Services so I could learn exactly where it was located. She waited for me to get my picture taken and then she walked me back to my office. Such a simple gesture really impacted me.”

Monica Kaczynski

Forensic science major

“I was struggling to understand concepts in both physics 1 and calc 2. When I went to the Center for Learning Resources to Monica’s office hours, it only took 40 minutes for her to teach me everything I needed to know for a test in both classes! During this time, she was also helping two other students. I believe she did it because she just wants to see her peers have success like she did.”

Koren Ballerini

Administrative secretary‬‬‬

“I was hired in October with no higher education work experience. I have always been in a banking or corporate working background. Koren has taken the time to show and explain everything to me about the job and is always there when I need her. Koren is a great mentor to me, as well as a friend. With that, I want to thank her for everything and all that she does!”

Selina O'Toole, M.S.

Executive director of enrollment operations

“Despite having a full to overflowing plate or responsibilities, Selina is always accessible to faculty, staff, and students. As a team leader, she is consistently supportive and constantly encouraging to students.”

Selina O’Toole.
Selina O’Toole.

“Selina, thank you for all that you've done and continue to do! Her hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. Selina is the glue that keeps graduate admissions together, helping us thrive as a team! In case nobody told you today, Selina, you're special!"

“Thank you, Selina, for always listening to and for encouraging your employees. She has been a constant source of strength, and her generosity toward me and my colleagues cannot be forgotten. Selina always comes in with a smile, and her positivity gives us strength. She treats everyone the same, regardless of what their role is at the University, and she is always so welcoming.”

“Thank you, Selina, for always taking the extra mile to care. Whether it's offering to babysit, consoling a colleague who she recognizes is having a rough day, or simply being an ear to listen, we all greatly appreciate her continuous acts of kindness!”

To continue the momentum of Random Acts of Kindness Day and to reinforce our culture of kindness, we will have a regular series on the Charger Blog featuring members of the Charger community recognizing their classmates and colleagues for their kindness. The next installment will feature more random acts of kindness shared during our inaugural campus-wide celebration. Continue acknowledging your fellow Chargers by sharing their random acts of kindness.