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University Honors ‘Phenomenal Women’ of Charger Nation

As part of the University’s celebration of Women’s History Month, the Charger community came together to recognize nearly 300 woman-identifying students, faculty, and staff who were nominated as “phenomenal women” by their classmates, colleagues, and friends.

March 30, 2023

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Nominees gathered around a table.
The celebration enabled nominees to network and celebrate together.

Abby Murphy ’24 is among the many “phenomenal women” who are part of the University community. She recently received an award recognizing her many contributions, saying it was a meaningful honor that also helped create an opportunity for her to connect with other “phenomenal women” on campus.

Murphy, a business management major, was awarded her certificate of appreciation at an event that brought together faculty, staff, and students to celebrate their achievements and the important qualities they bring to the University community. It was a celebration that Murphy was excited to be a part of.

“It was awesome to be recognized,” she said. “One of the people who nominated me is a great friend who is also a phenomenal woman. It’s great to be in a room of phenomenal women like this. Wherever you are, you never know who is watching, and it’s important to be an example for others.”

Murphy’s award was one of nearly 300 nominations that came in after the University community was asked to recognize inspirational, empowering, and supportive faculty, staff, and students who identify as women. It was, says Ashley Dunn, a member of the Women’s History Month Planning Committee, the most nominations they’ve received in the six-year history of the phenomenal women awards.

“The consistent words from students, faculty, and staff were ‘dedication’ and ‘kindness,’” said Dunn, ‪director of Title IX/VAWA compliance. “It was exciting to see the number of nominations grow.”‬‬‬

Left to right: Sarbjeet Kaur, Rozina Jaser, Saige Batza ’25, Annette Schettino.
Left to right: Sarbjeet Kaur, Rozina Jaser, Saige Batza ’25, Annette Schettino.
‘It’s important to recognize women’

The event enabled nominees to celebrate together while networking. Each nominee’s name was displayed on a screen in the Alumni Lounge, as well as why they were nominated. Cora Cogill ’23, Undergraduate Student Government Association president, helped organize the event. She says the goal was to make the event as inclusive as possible, and she was grateful to have been a part of it.

“It’s amazing to see how many phenomenal women we have on campus,” said Cogill, a business management major. “These women are students, faculty, and staff, and they create a campus community we can all live and grow in. It was eye-opening and inspiring to see so many nominations come in.”

The event, which was part of the University’s celebration of Women’s History Month, enabled Chargers to reflect on their achievements and contributions to the University community. For Mary Lippa ’23, this year’s award was not her first, and she was very much moved by the recognition.

“It’s really impactful to me to be recognized and to be around others who have been as well,” said Lippa, a psychology major. “It’s important to recognize women who have impacted and changed the University.”

Nominees included students, faculty, and staff members.
Nominees included students, faculty, and staff members.