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Bergami Intern: 'My Education Has Equipped Me with the Necessary Skills to Operate Professionally in the Music Industry'

As part of the University’s Bergami Summer Internship Program, I gained hands-on experience throughout my internship at Cloud10 Studios. Thanks to my coursework at the University, I felt well prepared to excel as an intern.

August 23, 2023

By Lucas Agosto ’24

Lucas Agosto '24.
Lucas Agosto ’24, a music and sound recording major.

I chose Cloud10 Studios for my internship because it aligns perfectly with my academic studies and career goals in music and sound recording. This opportunity has allowed me to gain hands-on experience in audio engineering, mixing, mastering, and music production, which are the areas I'm truly passionate about and want to pursue as a career.

By immersing myself in a fast-paced and creative environment alongside seasoned professionals, I learned new skills, techniques, and industry best practices while actively contributing to the production of high-quality music.

One of the key reasons I was particularly drawn to Cloud10 Studios was its reputation for producing high-quality music. The studio has had the reputation of working with well-known artists in the area and has consistently delivered exceptional results. By contributing to the production process at Cloud10 Studios, I hope to learn firsthand what it takes to create professional-grade music. I want to understand the attention to detail, and the dedication required to achieve sonic excellence.

The majority of the music recorded in the studio falls into the hip hop or rap category, and my knowledge of the different periods of hip hop music and its technical limitations has been particularly valuable in this context. Understanding the specific characteristics and production techniques associated with hip-hop music has allowed me to adapt my approach to meet the unique needs and expectations of hip-hop artists.

My coursework in hip-hop technology and production has given me an in-depth understanding of the genre's evolution, enabling me to contribute creatively and professionally to the studio's hip-hop projects. The three music-theory courses I took have provided me with a deep understanding of musical language and grammar, including notation and part writing, allowing me to analyze and create music confidently. By applying my skills in sound synthesis, MIDI manipulation, and digital audio production, I have been able to help create beats and provide technical guidance during recording sessions.

'I am actively developing the confidence and proficiency necessary'

The practical experience I gained from my coursework in Studio Recording I & II and Advanced Recording was instrumental in my internship. I have had the opportunity to apply my knowledge of signal flow, recording techniques, and mixing consoles in real-world scenarios, working with professional equipment. This hands-on experience has honed my technical skills and allowed me to navigate the intricacies of a recording session with confidence.

I have actively contributed to the recording process, from setting up microphones and configuring signal processors to operating the mixing console and implementing advanced studio-production techniques. The knowledge and skills acquired through my coursework have provided a solid foundation, allowing me to excel in the fast-paced and demanding environment of a professional recording studio.

The coursework I have completed in music and sound recording has provided me with a diverse range of knowledge and practical skills to put to use during my internship. From music theory and recording fundamentals to sound synthesis and MIDI manipulation, I have acquired a comprehensive skillset that I have successfully applied during my internship at Cloud10 Recording Studios.

Additionally, my understanding of hip-hop music production and the music industry as a whole has allowed me to make significant contributions in the studio's hip-hop projects and navigate the business aspects of the industry. Through the integration of classroom learning and practical application, I am actively developing the confidence and proficiency necessary to pursue my career goals in music and sound recording.

Lucas Agosto ’24 is a music and sound recording major at the University who interned with Cloud10 Studios this summer as part of the University’s Bergami Summer Internship Program.