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Communication Major: ‘I’ve Never Felt More Confident in Myself’

As a film intern in the University’s Office of Advancement, I have honed my video production skills while connecting with my fellow Chargers and learning from women who have inspired, encouraged, and mentored me.

March 3, 2021

By Emily Brown ’22

Emily Brown '22.
Emily Brown ’22, a communication major at the University of New Haven.

At the beginning of the fall semester, I started as a film intern for the Office of Advancement at the University of New Haven. I came into the job, quite frankly, unsure of myself, and I felt initially that I did not have the skills necessary to do the job successfully. But a mentor once told me to always say yes to new opportunities because you never know where that next “yes” may lead you. They were right!

A semester later, I’ve never felt more confident in myself. This internship has not only helped me to grow professionally, but technically and personally as well. I slowly built my confidence and started telling myself that I could do it, and that I had the knowledge and the skills to succeed.

In my position, I have the opportunity to see the University from different perspectives and interact with students and faculty I normally would not get the chance to. From cybersecurity, forensics, hospitality, band, athletics, and many other things in-between, I have now had the opportunity to connect in some way with the faculty and students from across the University. Even if it was just for a short ten-minute interview or to record a student thanking a donor, I was able to connect with them, see their passion, and hear their stories.

My main responsibility is to produce and edit video content that is then sent to donors and alumni or shared with the University community. The biggest project I worked on was editing and producing more than 30 student showcases for the virtual Centennial Ball. In total, I have worked on more than 100 videos for the Office of Advancement! I am extremely proud of that work, and I have learned so much as a result.

‘This experience has been invaluable’

Not only am I more comfortable in my editing skills, but I now believe I have a better idea of the kinds of questions I need to ask in order for a project to be successful and meet the expectations of my supervisors. I have honed critical skills and developed professional relationships in a real workplace environment, despite the coronavirus global pandemic.

Emily Brown '22.
Emily Brown ’22.

Additionally, I have had the opportunity to develop professional relationships with employees in the Office of Advancement – specifically, with Brittany Stanchak, associate director of alumni relations and events, and my direct supervisor Kim Williams, director of development. I have made other connections in the office as well, but my relationships with Kim and Brittany have not only provided me with many opportunities for personal development and professional growth, but they have also served as mentors to me.

I look up to Brittany and Kim, and I value the knowledge and advice they have given me. I aspire to be a woman in leadership, and having the mentorship of two phenomenal women in leadership has greatly motivated and inspired me.

This experience has been invaluable to me, and I am looking forward to continuing to grow in my field.

Emily Brown ’22 is a communication major at the University of New Haven.