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University of New Haven Professor Discusses Social Media’s Impact on Marketing Small Businesses

Speaking to more than a dozen small business owners, Subroto Roy said that social media gives small businesses unique opportunities to target and connect with customers.

January 29, 2019

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Image of Subroto Roy, Ph.D.
Dr. Subroto Roy is a professor of marketing at the University of New Haven.

Word of mouth has long been a preferred way for business owners to reach customers, and in today’s digital age, much of that takes place on social media, so says University of New Haven marketing professor Subroto Roy.

"Making the customer happy is especially important on social media," Roy told the New Haven Register. "A dissatisfied customer can hurt the ability of a small business to attract future customers. When a customer criticizes your business or product on a Facebook page, it is important for the business owner to respond in a measured manner."

Roy, a marketing professor and University research scholar, urges business owners to admit to failures and fix them, instead of remaining silent. He said that responding to customers’ questions or concerns online can "humanize" business owners and have a positive impact on their image.

"It’s really important to stand behind what you do, to take pride in what you do."Subroto Roy, Ph.D.

Speaking recently at a "Lunch and Learn" session at the Cheshire Chamber of Commerce, Roy advised self-assessment before developing a social media presence. He said that business owners must identify their core customers, rather than expecting everyone to buy their product.

"It’s really important to stand behind what you do, to take pride in what you do," said Roy. "Who are you and what are you willing to do?"

An expert on digital and database marketing and supply chains, Roy’s consulting firm, StratoServe, helps businesses and nonprofits use technology to grow. His research also focuses on web analytics, including Google.

"Search results can be different, depending on whether someone is at home, work, or another location," said Roy. "Understanding how Google thinks will go a long way in improving the web presence and impact of a business."