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Exemplary Staff Members Recognized for Commitment to University

The Administrative Staff Council’s Employee Excellence Awards and Bartels Service Awards were presented to nine employees for their dedication to advancing the University’s mission and to enhancing the experience of our students.

May 24, 2018

By Kellie McLaughlin, Office of Marketing & Communications

Each year, the University honors employees at its Annual Service Awards Luncheon. Employee service milestones are celebrated in 5- and 10-year increments. This year, 124 employees were honored for their service milestones, including eight people celebrating 30 years, one person celebrating 40 years, and two people celebrating an impressive 45 years at the University.

The Service Awards Luncheon also brings the announcement of the Employee Excellence Awards and the Bartels Service Awards, which honor employees for their exceptional work and dedication throughout the year.

2018 Employee Excellence Awards

The Employee Excellence Awards are given to administrative staff members who have demonstrated outstanding service to the University community. Staff are nominated by their fellow University employees and selected by an advisory committee made up of past Employee Excellence Award winners and members of the Administrative Staff Council.

Olivia Reis headshot
Olivia Reis
Excellence in Innovation and Creativity

The Excellence in Innovation and Creativity Award was given to Olivia Reis, associate director of enterprise application development in the Office of Information Technology. The award recognizes an individual who has best demonstrated innovative and creative ideas for the benefit of the University community and who has taken a unique approach to furthering the mission of the University.

A colleague who nominated Olivia wrote, "Olivia is a tireless worker, an innovative problem solver, and an unsung hero among the University’s staff. Her ability to quickly develop creative solutions to access and visualize data never ceases to amaze, and she is a critical player in making sure key departments, including Enrollment Management, Institutional Research, and the Registrar’s Office, are able to get actionable information into the hands of decision makers."

Amanda King headshot
Amanda King
Excellence in Student Service

Amanda King, associate director of the Office of Financial Aid, was given the Excellence in Student Service Award. The award recognizes a staff member who is committed to and consistently works toward enhancing the quality of students’ lives at the University, and who actively participates outside the realm of their job responsibilities in student-centered events.

"Amanda helps students through one of the most worrisome processes of higher education: figuring out how to pay for it," a colleague wrote in the nomination form. "During the financial aid process, students need guidance, as well as kindness and encouragement, and Amanda’s efforts are exemplary.

Amanda also coaches her co-workers and prioritizes workload so that they can get work done more effectively and efficiently, which benefits students immensely."

Denise Bigler headshot
Denise Bigler
Excellence in University Service

The Excellence in University Services Award was given to Denise Bigler, programmer analyst in the Office of Information Technology. The award recognizes an employee for outstanding service to the University community and for consistently making a significant impact within their department and across the community while fostering the mission of the University.

One of Denise’s colleague wrote, "Since her hire just four years ago, she has supported the admissions offices in two successful software implementations, with very short implementation periods. She has had to learn and configure each system as well as provide training and support to the admissions staff. She performs her job with great professionalism, tact, and diplomacy. Regardless of the obstacles that are placed in her way, she rolls up her sleeves and gets things done."

2018 Bartels Service Awards

Every spring, the Bartels Service Awards, sponsored by longstanding University benefactors Philip H. Bartels, chair of the University of New Haven’s Board of Governors, and his wife, Susan, are given to exemplary employees who have gone above and beyond the performance of their assigned responsibilities. This year, six deserving employees were recognized.

Tracy Crowley headshot
Tracy Crowley
Tracy Crowley

Employee Relations Specialist, Human Resources

"Tracy has been an invaluable resource to the University and to Human Resources," a colleague said of Tracy. "She never hesitates to jump in where help is needed, and she handles employee and supervisor situations in an expert fashion, with respect and dignity."

Tyler Hanson headshot
Tyler Hanson
Tyler Hanson

Assistant Director, Office of Marketing & Communications

One of Tyler’s colleagues said, "He is an unsung hero of the department. This past year he made a significant impact within our department by keeping all the marketing trains running on time so we could tackle very important University-wide projects such as the website, brand, and re-design of the undergraduate publications suite.

He juggled vendors, internal project management software, and billing for nearly 300 projects this past year."

Jeff Luoma headshot
Jeff Luoma
Jeff Luoma

Assistant Director, Office of Institutional Research

A colleague in the Office of Institutional Research said, "Jeff’s intellect and calm demeanor make him well suited to work well with others at all levels of understanding and from all backgrounds. He mentors other less-experienced staff and supervises student workers while always exercising care and tact in his approach.

Above all, he has a solid moral and ethical foundation, and he is a true and dedicated servant of this University."

Shelly Padro headshot
Shelly Padro
Shelly Padro

Administrative Secretary I, Fire Science & Professional Studies, Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences

"Shelly’s presence in the Fire Science Department has been a true blessing," her colleague said. "She performs her administrative professional duties with the highest degree of enthusiasm and attention to detail. Her hard work has allowed the entire faculty greater freedom to work directly with our students."

Jerry Selmani headshot
Jerry Selmani
Jerry Selmani

Custodian, Office of Facilities

"Jerry is a diligent, conscientious, and valued member of the Facilities team," a colleague of Jerry said. "He has a strong work ethic and approaches everyone in a positive, friendly, and helpful manner. He understands the importance of providing quality service and is always willing to lend a hand to help others."

Joan Vere headshot
Joan Vere
Joan Vere

Student Accounts Assistant, Bursar’s Office

A colleague of Joan’s in the Bursar’s Office said, "Joan has been a reliable and dependable employee of the University for 20 years. Although she has sat in a very difficult seat as a front-line staff member in the Bursar's Office, Joan has always greeted students and parents with a smile and, most importantly, treated each customer as if they were our only customer. Joan sees to it that any issue is resolved and that the customer is properly notified."