Internship Program

The internship program at the University of New Haven is an integral part of the University’s commitment to experiential education.

It provides students with the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to achieve their career goals. Every internship enhances student’s professional development by providing an opportunity for the practical application of skills and concepts learned in the classroom.

The internship program provides students with a realistic view of workplace culture and expectations, and it will help students develop professional networks that can create a successful future. Every internship offers the students an individualized educational experience through the study of a structured employment situation.

Information for Sponsors

A major benefit of participating in the program is competing for top college graduates through early identification, evaluation, and development. Employers involved with this program should see improvement of their recruitment program and a stronger presence on the University of New Haven campus; widening their pool of potential candidates for the future. Employers may be more likely to hire students who accomplish valuable and necessary work for the organization during the internship. 



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Responsibilities of the Internship Sponsor
  1. Provide an orientation for the intern.
  2. Assign an Employer Internship Supervisor to directly supervisor the intern.
  3. Provide the intern with a work schedule.
  4. Review job description and expectations with the intern.
  5. Offer the intern a professional work environment.
  6. Monitor the intern’s performance.
  7. Provide the intern with feedback and guidance.
  8. Provide a final evaluation of the intern's performance.

A student must complete 150 hours at the internship to earn academic credit.