Co-Op Program


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Becoming A Co-Op Sponsor

The Co-op Program will have numerous benefits for the sponsoring organizations. A major benefit of participating in the program is competing for top college graduates through early identification, evaluation and skill development that match the organization’s needs. In addition, the program will prepare college students to be more readily productive upon their graduation. Employers involved with this program should see improvement of their recruitment program and a stronger presence on the University of New Haven campus, widening their pool of potential candidates for the future. Employers may be more likely to hire students who accomplish valuable and necessary work for the organization during the co-op experience.

Responsibilities of the Co-Op Sponsor

The University of New Haven expects that sponsoring organizations provide students with work assignments that directly relate to the student’s academic program and career aspirations and pay a wage that is reason-able, fair, and proportional with the skill level associated with this position. It is also expected that the organization work collaboratively with the university to develop a mutually agreeable plan for the student’s Co-op experience and to provide supervision for the student during this period along with timely evaluations of the student’s progress. It is expected that organizations will consider students on an equal opportunity basis and that they will commit to continuing a student’s employment through the duration of the Co-op consisting of a semester long plan for the student. The university expects that the organization will support the Co-op Program requirements and that, during the work term, the student will be considered an employee subject to the policies and laws that relate to other employees of the organization. Lastly, the organization will provide feedback to the student on his or her performance with the organization and guidance on future career endeavors.


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