Joshua Sandman, Ph.D.

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Professor Emeritus

International Affairs
Department of Human Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences

B.A. in Political Science, New York University
M.A. in Political Science, New York University
Ph.D. in Political Science, New York University

About Joshua

Joshua Sandman is an internationally recognized scholar on the American Presidency. His current research explores the appeal of President Donald J. Trump as a populist outsider candidate and the Trump presidency.

Dr. Sandman has studied how, as a candidate, President Trump addressed the problems generated by what President Trump characterized as a race-to-the-bottom globalization process and unfair trade practices. He also explored how President Trump won states where there was a significant decline in manufacturing and the loss of livable-wage employment.

Dr. Sandman is examining how President Trump is furthering the conservative policy agenda by cutting taxes for large corporation and the wealthy, appointing conservative judges to the appeals courts and Supreme Court, rolling back financial and environmental regulations, cutting government-sponsored healthcare programs, and imposing new immigration restrictions.

His current research focuses on President Trump’s communication methods – his use of Twitter and unscripted announcements – and the impact "his reality TV and the New York ‘art of the deal’ real estate approach" is having on the office of the president.

Dr. Sandman speaks frequently with the media on presidential politics, elections, the Supreme Court, and governmental issues. He has been featured in The New York Times, the New Delhi Time, on the BBC, WTNH-TV, News-12, Voice of America, and WTIC-AM. His op-eds include "Brett Kavanaugh Won’t Tip Supreme Court to the Right; Democrats Should Focus on Elections" in The Hill; "Democrats Lost Their Base and Must Now Rebuild" in The Day; and "Rebuilding the Democratic Party Means More Inclusive Message" in CT News Junkie.

He has presented conference papers on the presidential role in leadership, White House crisis management, agenda setting and public policy-making. His wide-ranging research interests include Congress, special interest groups, and political parties.

Dr. Sandman received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in political science from New York University. He is a member of the American Political Science Association, the Northeastern Political Science Association, and the Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors. His courses include The Trump Presidency, modern political analysis, state and local government, and politics. The University’s Pre-Law advisor, he is a past recipient of the Excellence in Student Academic Advisement Award.

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American Political Science Association

Northeastern Political Science Association

Southern Political Science Association

Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors

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University of New Haven Pre-Law Advisor

Pre-Law Society Advisor

Departmental Advisor on Graduate Education

Departmental Representative to SOAR, Open House and Accepted Student Days

Recipient of Excellence in Student Academic Advisement Award


Published articles and presented papers on the American Presidency, political parties, the electoral process, Presidential office crisis decision making and state and local government.

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