Employee Core Competencies

Core competencies and values

The University of New Haven offers students an immersive, transformative educational experience that, for generations, has proven to prepare graduates to excel in the careers of the future. Ultimately, it is the passion, ingenuity, and drive of our faculty, staff, and administration who embody – and fulfill – this promise.

As part of the Strategic Plan, a University-wide committee identified seven employee Core Competencies that support the University’s mission and its values; measure the successful and effective performance of all employees of the University of New Haven; and guide the evaluation and performance management process and goal-setting activities.

Our employee Core Competencies are integral to building a great workplace that attracts, cultivates, and retains talent, enabling us to achieve the critical “people first” goals and objectives outlines in our Strategic Plan.

Diversity & Inclusion/Values Differences

Manages and/or treats all kinds of people in an equal fashion; deals fairly and effectively with all races, nationalities, cultures, abilities, ages, genders, and sexual orientation; equal and fair treatment for all; see and appreciate the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Communicates Effectively

Conveys information clearly and succinctly through writing, speaking and social/technology platforms; articulates thoughts and expresses ideas effectively using oral, written, visual and non-verbal communication skills; possesses and uses listening skills to gain understanding.

Customer Focus

Dedicated to meeting expectations of internal and external customers, acting with customer in mind. Develops deep understanding of customer needs and advances the University's reputation for excellence. Gains customer trust and respect; solicits and follows up on feedback.

Problem Solving & Continuous Improvement

Looks deep into solutions; seeks out information; in a short time does analysis; looks beyond the first answer for effective solutions. Aligns processes with organizational priorities and can design and implement workflows that move work forward through resources. Can establish appropriate metrics for measurement, creates synergies and integrations where necessary, and can simplify processes and maximize resource allocations.

Development of Self and Others

A person who is a people builder of themselves and others; provides and takes challenging assignments/tasks; pushes self and others to acquire knowledge for individual and organizational growth. Is self-aware of individual strengths and development opportunities and seeks insights for balanced performance and career conversations to design development plans. Holds development conversations with direct reports and manager; seeks out training and development opportunities for self and others.

Trust & Integrity

Demonstrates high ethical standards and behaviors and is widely trusted and is sought after for his/her opinion and advice. Does not misrepresent self; admits mistakes; take ownership of work; delivers on time, quality solutions while meeting most goals; known to be dependable.

Hiring and Staffing (Managers Only)

Recruits the best people from inside or out of the organization; not afraid to get strong people; seeks out effective staffing models in both structure and size of staff. Understands organizational strategies, job structures, what it takes to be successful in roles and can translate that in selecting the right talent for the organization.