Student Patrol Program

Mission Statement:

"To support the mission and the Goals of the University of New Haven Police Department by assisting police personnel in keeping the campus safe and secure through superior work and dedication."

Our Goals Are:
  • To observe and report any suspicious activity to the University of New Haven Police Department.
  • To assist students, faculty, employees and guests with any questions or problems.
  • Patrol all "inner" campus buildings, and assist in performing lockout duties (95’s)(41’s)(42’s)
  • Assist with other non-law enforcement duties as assigned.
  • Provides safety escorts upon request. 
Program Overview:

The Student Patrol positions are part-time paid positions. Student Patrol works seven (7) days a week, primarily, evenings and weekend day hours  throughout the academic year (September to May). Additional shifts during the weekday may be scheduled, from time to time, to assist the University's Police department with other operational functions. (students academic schedule permitting)

Student Patrol personnel are University of New Haven student workers employed by the Police Department to augment our Patrol Division. While they do not perform the same duties as police officers, they do serve as extra eyes and ears of our department. 

Duties of the Position:
  • The ability to demonstrate good judgment with their assigned tasks.
  • The ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • A high degree of tact and diplomacy dealing with the university community under a variety of situations.
  • Sensitivity towards the cultural diversity of the campus community.
  • Ability and willingness to work their assigned shift, and to be responsible for finding a replacement in the event they cannot fulfill said shift assignment. 
  • Student must be 18 years of age.
  • Student must be registered as a full time student.
  • Student should have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.
  • Student should not have negative reports or prior records on file with University Police or ORL, or Dean of Students Office.
  • Students enrolled in a Criminal justice program at the University of New Haven will be given first preference. 
  • Number of Student Patrol individuals to be determined by the Associate VP of Public Safety and Administrative Services and  the Chief of Police at the University of New Haven.
  • The number of actual Student Patrol hours and designated times/shifts will be determined by the by the office’s addressed above.
  • Training of the Student Patrol will be the function of the Officer in charge of the program with the assistance of senior Student Patrol Officers.
  • Any failures of, or violations committed by the Student Patrol individual(s) will be addressed to the Officer in charge of the program, unless such failure or violation puts the University or others at risk.
  • Changes to the Student Patrol program can be made at anytime by the Associate VP of Public Safety and Administrative Services or the Chief of Police.