University of New Haven Police Department


The University of New Haven Police Department provides full-service police protection to the West Haven Campus, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The department comprises 20 sworn positions, and all officers have been fully trained through the State of Connecticut Police Officers Standards and Training Council Academy and have full arrest powers. Police authority is granted by state statute through the Mayor of the city of West Haven. Officers patrol campus in marked police cruisers, on foot, and on mountain bicycles. We encourage all officers to "reach out" to students and create opportunities for casual dialogue. Additionally, six certified dispatchers staff the office to handle radio and telephone communications and assist the many students and staff who visit the department.

The University of New Haven Police Department has a commitment to community based policing through its practice and philosophy. Community policing is based on strong geographical and partnership components. Each patrol officer has an assigned residence hall or group of housing units. Officers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the ORL staff and the resident students of their assigned area.

Although police authority is granted through the city of West Haven, the University of New Haven Police Department is a law enforcement agency separate from city government. A close working relationship exists with the West Haven Police Department, as well as other local police agencies and the Connecticut State Police Department.

Phone Numbers

University of New Haven Police
(203) 932-7014

University of New Haven Police Emergency
(203) 932-7070

Emergency Fire, Medical, or West Haven Police Emergency

Rape Crisis Center of Milford
(203) 878-1212