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Whether you are in the process of a career transition or are just looking for professional growth within your current field, the Career Development Center at the University of New Haven will provide you with the tools you need to move forward.

Career planning is a process that begins when you enter college and continues throughout your life. We hope to provide services to support your own professional advancement, as well as encouraging you to share the sum of learning gained through your life experiences with our current students.

  • Are you dissatisfied with your current career and are looking for a change? Is the possibility of downsizing, layoff or company closure in your future? A Career Coach from the Career Development Center can meet with you to discuss how your transferrable skills can be applied to a new career. The process can start with self-assessment, lead to career research and evolve into revising your résumé and cover letter to match the qualifications of your ideal position. Staff members in the CDC can also provide helpful tips on how to conduct an effective job search, discuss the importance of networking, and the best way to prepare for an interview.

    FOCUS Career Assessment System

    Access code to take FOCUS: chargers

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  • For starters, the Career Development Center staff can help connect you with people in your desired job field, and with our own personal contacts well.

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  • If you are thinking about graduate or professional school, the Career Development Center staff is available to discuss how an advanced degree will prepare you for a future career.

    Through research and exploration, you can determine if graduate school is the right fit for you. We can provide information on researching graduate and professional schools, the application process, and can review personal statements.

    Check out our list of Academic programs to learn more.

  • Conducting a job search is hard. We know. It is hard to get started, hard to keep going, and has about the overall appeal of a root canal.

    An effective job search is a full time job itself. You need to become organized, dedicated, and committed to this job. This means keeping track of your activities, staying focused and optimistic, and getting proactive in managing this search.

    Remember, the Career Development Center can help with each step and has contacts, strategies, networks, and job postings to help you every step of the way.

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