Current SURF Projects

With the guidance of their faculty mentors, students work on research projects in a wide range of areas, including the social sciences, the natural sciences, and arts and humanities.

Once their research is complete, students participate in a Research Poster Presentation Day during which they present their findings to fellow students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University of New Haven.

Seminars are held in the beginning and end of the program (June tp August) to provide students with even more opportunities to learn and grow through networking, sharing their experiences, and learning about their colleagues' areas of interest. Guest speakers also attend the seminars to discuss their own research and professional accomplishments. These activities offer students a unique, educational, and professional experience that helps them attain their academic and professional goals now and in the future.

Current Projects

Collaborators Project
Student: Kiara Acevedo ’20, Marine Biology
Mentor: Roman Zajac
"Assessing successional dynamics of macroalgae and corals on patch reefs in San Salvador Island, Bahamas"
Student: Anna Albraccio ’21, Forensic Science
Mentor: Peter Massey
"The use of food based powders to enhance latent fingerprints"
Student: Thomas Almeida ’21, English
Mentor: Mary Isbell
"The Effects of Populare Culture by Tactics Between the Lines"
Student: Allison Antcliff ’21, Health Sciences
Mentor: Glenn McGee
"Psychosis: Gray Areas of Medical and Legal Consent"
Student: Moriah Anthony ’20, Forensic Science
Mentor: Dequan Xiao
"Study of the Interaction between Tet protein and Vitamin C using 2-D NMR"
Student: April Bowen ’21, Mechanical Engineering
Mentors: Marie-Isabel Carnasciali and Brooke Kammrath
"Physical Properties of Additive Manufacturing to Combat Illicit Use of 3D Printing Technology"
Student: Krystina Braid ’20, Marine Biology
Mentor: Roman Zajac
"Fish community structure following disturbance on patch reefs in San Salvador, Bahamas"
Student: Ashton Brunell ’22, Mechanical Engineering
Mentor: Eric Dieckman
"Detection and Classification of Drones Using Analog Devices"
Student: Megan Chetner ’20, Forensic Science
Mentor: Robert Powers
"Invertebrate Interactions as Primary Decomposers of Terrestrial Remains"
Student: Emily Dean ’20, Forensic Science
Mentor: Josep De Alcaraz-Fossoul
"Analysis of Color Contrast Between Ridges and Furrows of Latent Fingermarks Within a Small Population"
Student: Jessica Deer ’20, Psychology
Mentor: Kendell Coker
"Using the Annual Survey of Refugees Questionnaire to Identify Pre and Post-Migration Stressors and the Relationship with Effectiveness of Refugee Assistance Programs for Refugees that Entered the United States Between 2011 and 2015"
Student: Alexandria Drewes ’20, Forensic Science
Mentor: Alyssa Marsico
"The Analysis of Various Burnt and Unburnt Accelerants Using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy"
Student: Trevor Dykas ’21, National Security
Mentor: Jeff Treistman
"Terrorist Ideologies and Dataset Creation"
Student: Joey Edmonds ’22, Genetics & Biotechnology
Mentor: Ali Senejani
"Lyme Bacteria and PolB Gene Isoform Expression"
Student: Halie Flores ’21, Marine Biology
Mentor: Jean-Paul Simjouw
"Using Stable Isotope Signatures to Identify Possible Anthropogenic Nutrient Sources"
Student: Rachel Graziano ’20, Forensic Science
Mentor: Claire Glynn
"DNA Methylation Patterns to Determine Donor Age"
Student: Crystal Harris ’20, Forensic Science
Mentor: Ali Senejani
"An Examination of Epigenetic Changes in Gene Expressions of Neuron Cells That Are Infected by Lyme causing Bacteria B. bugdorferi"
Student: Bethany Hoschar ’20, Forensic Science
Mentor: R. Chistopher O'Brien
"Necrophagic Entomological Guilds on Two Climatically Disparate Atlantic Islands"
Student: Travis LaGree ’20, Forensic Science
Mentor: Nikolas Stasulli
"Inhibition of reproductive sporulation in Streptomyces viridochromogenes through specialized metabolite production by environmental Bacillus species isolates"
Student: Michael Lanzaro ’21, Psychology
Mentor: Jeffrey Debies-Carl
"Undergraduate Major as a predictor of generalized anxiety disorder"
Student: Anna Mariano ’20, Marine Biology
Mentor: Amy Carlile
"Molecular and morphological analysis of Sargassum species from San Salvador, the Bahamas"
Student: Courtney Newberry ’20, Forensic Science
Mentor: R. Christopher O'Brien
"Terrestrial and Marine Decomposition and Scavenging in Temperate and Tropical Environments"
Student: Malorie Nitz ’20, Forensic Science
Mentor: Claire Glynn
"Investigating DNA Methylation Analysis for the Individualization of Monozygotic Twins"
Student: Laura Nolterieke ’20, Criminal Justice
Mentor: Kevin Barnes-Ceeney
"Developing an Understanding of Juvenile Delinquency in St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and Nevis"
Student: Micaela O'Shea ’21, National Security
Mentor: Patrick Gourley
"The effect the Arab Spring had on Female Labor Force Participation Rates in Middle East and North Africa"
Student: Justine Rivera ’21, Marine Biology
Mentors: Amy Carlile and Nikolas Stasulli
"Investigation into the presence of Cyanobacteria in the Quinnipiac River"
Student: NikkiAnn Ryan ’21, Criminal Justice
Mentor: Kento Yasuhara
"Public Perception of Law Enforcement Training in Connecticut"
Student: Noah Scarpelli ’21, Forensic Science
Mentor: Virginia Maxwell
"The use of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for the identification of bullet holes"
Student: Keryne Skead ’21, Forensic Science
Mentor: David San Pietro
"A preliminary assessment of Prostate Specific Antigen in transfers under various conditions"
Student: Brynn Slicer ’20, National Security
Mentor: Brian Marks
"A Cross Country Analysis: Using and assessing ARIMA as a forecasting technique on the economic impact of terrorist attacks"
Student: Michaela Takac ’21, Communication
Mentors: Danielle Cooper and Yevgeniya Rivers
"Mindsets and beliefs of Incoming College Freshman on Math"
Student: Grace Taylor ’21, Marine Biology
Mentors: Jean-Paul Simjouw and Gail Hartnett
"Academic field guide of the algae invertebrates and vertebrates found in the New Haven Harbor"
Student: Reah Thomas-Hill ’21, Psychology
Mentors: Kristine Horvat and Judy Randi
"Increasing STEM Understanding and Engagement Through Engineering Learning Activities"
Student: Anna Tran ’21 Forensic Science
Mentor: Alyssa Marsico
"Investigating the Differences in the Elemental Composition of Pollen from Common Houseplants Under Different Growing Conditions Using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy"
Student: Alyssa Tuccinardi ’20, Forensic Science
Mentor: Angela Ambers
"Bleach Decontamination in the Forensic Laboratory and at the Crime Scene: Investigating the Efficacy of DNA Damage in Native versus Naked Templates"
Student: Ryan Vynalek ’21, Forensic Science
Mentor: Josep De Alcaraz-Fossoul
"A blind study on latent fingerprint morphometrics: validation of data on a population of donors"
Student: Alice Yi ’21, Health Sciences
Mentor: Christina Zito
"Examining Protein Expression as a Biomarker in Cancer-associated Fibroblasts activated by HPV Negative Cancer Cell Exosomes"
Student: Ryan Zdenek ’20, Forensic Science
Mentors: Brooke Kammrath Maria-Isabel Carnasciali
"Forensic Analysis of 3D Printed Polymers Pre- and Post- Manufacturing"