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Condemning Racism and Hate

In a message to the University community, President Kaplan addressed the horrific tragedies that recently took place in Buffalo and Southern California.

May 19, 2022

Maxcy Hall in the Spring

Dear Members of the University Community,

Words alone cannot express the true extent of our grief and frustration over the horrific tragedies that recently took place in Buffalo and Southern California.

These senseless acts, steeped in ignorance, are both devastating and infuriating. As a University community, we stand united in condemning all acts of bigotry and bias.

Events as unspeakable as those which unfolded this past weekend force us to consider with even greater intentionality the role we can each play – as a member of our community and as individuals – in eradicating hatred and racism. This is not an external charge; it is our innate responsibility as compassionate and educated individuals trying each and every day to do better.

At the University of New Haven, we will continue to ensure that diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging are central to all we do. We will engage in difficult conversations and work together to cultivate and reflect values that unite.

As an institution of higher education working to shape the world’s next generation of leaders, we must be a beacon of hope. In moments when we are tested, what continues to give me optimism is the commitment our students have for public service and for fighting on behalf of causes far greater than any one individual.

Let us come together to share in the pain of those affected by recent events while also honoring our shared responsibility to effect change.

With best wishes,

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Steven H Kaplan, Ph.D.