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Standing for Values that Unite

In a message to the University community, President Kaplan addressed the unlawful actions in our nation's capital.

January 6, 2021

The United States Capitol.
The United States Capitol. Photo by Kevin McCoy, used under WikiMedia creative commons license.

Dear Members of the University Community,

Today, I have watched in horror at what has taken place in our nation's capital. Unlawful actions inciting violence are despicable and deplorable and truly are the antithesis of the ideals we stand for in our democracy. We must stand for values that unite.

As educated members of a community of higher learning, we will always encourage debate and foster an environment that cultivates a free exchange of ideas. Above all, though, this must be done with civility and humanity.

The unlawful action of those in Washington, D.C., who committed these acts, are, in a word, shameful. They are not rooted in patriotism, passion for our country, nor civil disobedience. These individuals are trying to intimidate, instill fear, and threaten our democracy. This will not – and should never – be tolerated.

Please know that social media posts related to today's events that have been reported to me and other members of the University community are of serious concern and are being investigated by the Dean of Students Office and law enforcement.

Regardless of our political beliefs or personal ideologies, we have a responsibility to continue to engage in constructive and meaningful dialogue. Our campus should be a safe place where everyone should feel empowered to share their views in a non-threatening and peaceful environment. I am confident this is a responsibility we will all embrace.

With best wishes,

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Steven H Kaplan, Ph.D.