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Veterans Commend University of New Haven for Easing Transition from Military to Academic Setting

Recognized by Military Times in its 2019 Best for Vets college rankings, the University has nearly 300 students who are using veteran benefits, including veterans, dependents of veterans, and active service members.

November 9, 2018

Veteran Students
Veteran Students lead the procession at the University's annual Veterans Day Celebration

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Jordan Crooms ’18, 19 MBA, who was deployed for a year securing the Afghanistan-Pakistan border during his six years of service with the Connecticut Army National Guard, says the University of New Haven is a good fit for veterans.

"Staff members created a different orientation process for veterans to help us with our unique needs," Crooms said. "They make it easy for veterans to transition from the military into the academic world."

Crooms is part of a group of 300 veterans, dependents of veterans, and active service members who are part of the University community. The University is included in the Military Times’ 2019 Best for Vets college rankings, which provides the most comprehensive school-by-school assessment of veteran and military student services.

The University is part of the Yellow Ribbon program, which helps fund tuition and fee expenses for veterans, and its commitment to providing a supportive environment for veteran students has also been recognized by U.S. News & World Report and G.I. Jobs magazine.

Jacob Sibilski ’19
Jacob Sibilski ’19

Jacob Sibilski ’19, a paramedicine and biology double major, joined the University community after three years a junior officer in the United States Coast Guard aboard USCGC Active and USCG PATFORSWA (Patrol Forces Southwest Asia), working with the United States Navy in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He said he appreciates how the University’s faculty and staff members serve its veterans.

"They have the knowledge and experience to facilitate our goals, they work tirelessly to encourage us, and they take a personal interest in our progress," Sibilski said. "I have never had someone turn me away when I needed help or had a question, regardless of how busy they were at the time."

David Garcia ’19, an electrical engineering major, is in his tenth year of service with the United States Air Force. While he is looking forward to many more years with the Air Force, he is happy to participate in the academic and social experiences that the University offers.

"The veteran community we’ve created continues to grow. I can’t thank everyone enough for all of their support."Grace Jimenez ’21

"The internship opportunities were important to me, and the University does a great job of supporting that," said Garcia. "I’m also a Veteran Services work-study member, and I get to use my experiences to give back to incoming student vets."

Grace Jimenez ’21, a national security major, served in the Army from 2012 to 2015 as a medical laboratory specialist, and she is currently the secretary and co-president of the Military Veterans of the University of New Haven student group on campus.

"The veteran community we’ve created continues to grow," she says. "I can’t thank everyone enough for all of their support."