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National Security Major: ‘I Have Become Much More Confident in Myself’

As she prepares to graduate, Emma Murphy ’24 reflects on the opportunities she’s had to make important connections while excelling in a field that was new to her when she joined the Charger community. She’s excited to continue her education in Washington, D.C., this fall.

May 7, 2024

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communication

Emma Murphy ’24 on campus.
Emma Murphy ’24 on campus.

Emma Murphy ’24 recalls being a little nervous when she began her time as a national security major at the University. The field was new to her, and she admits that she was quiet and a little bit uncertain. But now, as she prepares to graduate, she feels sure of herself and ready to excel in the field.

Murphy will accept her degree as part of the University’s 2024 Commencement celebration. Her time as a Charger has been expansive, offering her opportunities to grow both in and out of the classroom.

“I have become much more confident in myself and in the work I produce,” said Murphy. “I can proudly present material in front of classes and groups of people.”

‘Pushed me out of my comfort zone’

Murphy continued to develop her confidence and build her network at the University as a peer tutor, offering support to her classmates in their national security courses. She also served as a tutor in the University’s Writing Center. The opportunities, she says, connected her with her fellow Chargers from other fields and, even, from other countries.

While immersing herself in the culture and activities at the University, Murphy created wonderful memories with her friends. They would often read the University’s emails listing the daily events on campus and attend as many as they could. They enjoyed going to sporting events and spending time outside playing lawn games on campus.

Left to right: Emilia Wypasek, Emma Murphy ’24, and Mia Feder after the Honors presentations on campus.
Left to right: Emilia Wypasek, Emma Murphy ’24, and Mia Feder after the Honors presentations on campus.

Murphy’s connections with her professors were also an important part of her time as a Charger. Their guidance proved to be invaluable as they offered their support with her coursework and with finding internship and job opportunities.

“During my first semester, I took a class with Dr. Robert Sanders, and I’ve remained in contact with him,” said Murphy. “He’s always been there to answer questions, give advice, and cheer for my successes along the way. Dr. Declan Hill has also heavily influenced my time at the University. They have pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me realize my true potential.”

‘I am prepared to enter the intelligence community’

As an intern with the New Haven Police Department’s Bureau of Identification, Murphy explored police processes such as examining evidence and crime scenes. She learned firsthand about the critical role intelligence plays in solving crimes.

Murphy is excited to continue her education, both in and out of the classroom. She will pursue her master’s degree in applied intelligence at Georgetown University, and she plans to also explore internship opportunities with the CIA and NSA to gain more hands-on experience.

“The courses offered at the University of New Haven have prepared me for success,” said Murphy. “The variety in the curriculum, from courses that focus on history to present day applications of techniques, have set me up for success. I feel like I am prepared to enter the intelligence community with the skills I have developed through my time at the University.”