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Recent Data Science Grad: ‘The University Made Me Who I Am Today’

As a graduate student at the University, I took every opportunity to connect with my fellow Chargers, and I enjoyed the meaningful connections I made. I am now excited to be beginning my career at Proponent, giving me the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned at the University.

September 8, 2023

By Yashpreet Malhotra ’23 M.S.

Yashpreet Malhotra ’23 M.S. at Commencement
Yashpreet Malhotra ’23 M.S. at Commencement.

Ever since I joined the University of New Haven, I have been actively involved in the Charger community. Right away, I started participating in activities and events. The first one was International Fest (IFest) 2021. I have been representing India and the Indian Student Council, winning an award at IFest for three consecutive years. Other than IFest, I have won awards in a case competition and the Graduate Student Showcase Competition.

Yashpreet Malhotra ’23 M.S.
Yashpreet Malhotra ’23 M.S.

I was also actively involved on campus as a senator for the Graduate Student Council and secretary for the Indian Student Council, as well as diversity and inclusion head dance choreographer representing the Indian culture in festivals such as Diwali and the International Festival. I also enjoyed being involved with the Holiday Fest celebrated at the University.

Director of operations for the University’s Data Scientist Alliance and an orientation leader for three consecutive semesters, I also took the opportunity to serve as a graduate student success panelist for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 incoming classes. I also gained important skills as a graduate student admissions assistant at the University.

'I will always remember the journey'

After I graduated, I worked as a research associate intern at the University. After that, I accepted a position as a product management business analyst at Proponent, an aircraft distributor and supplier company.

I will always remember the journey I had at the University, and I can sum it up by concluding that the University made me who I am today.

I encourage current students to be honest, and to remember that being kind goes a long way. Help others because you never know how it comes back to you.

Yashpreet Malhotra ’23 M.S. is a recent graduate of the University’s graduate program in data science.

Yashpreet Malhotra ’23 M.S.
Yashpreet Malhotra ’23 M.S. celebrates the culmination of his educational journey.