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New MHA Grad’s Internship Enabled Her to ‘Combine My Love and Passion for Serving Others’

As an intern with Hartford Healthcare’s St. Vincent’s Medical Center, I had myriad rewarding opportunities to connect with the community, learn from professionals with a commitment to service, and to make a difference in the lives of others.

June 5, 2023

By Garcia Curtis ’23 MHA

Garcia Curtis ’23 MHA
Garcia Curtis ’23 MHA (fifth from right) at a community event as part of her internship.

One of the best decisions I have ever made during my time at the University of New Haven was choosing to complete an internship. Serving others is the epitome of my life’s journey. Thanks to the guidance of Quian Callender from Hartford Healthcare, I was able to combine my love and passion for serving others with my internship placement.

Jacey Ferraro ’23 and her character both found adventure in Paris.
Garcia Curtis ’23 MHA (right) connected with members of the community as part of her internship.

I was accepted as an intern at Hartford Healthcare’s St. Vincent’s Medical Center (HHC – SVMC), where I worked as the “Mission and Services and Community Impact Intern.” This job was perfect for me because it reflected my beliefs, vision, and mission in a professional setting.

One of my favorite initiatives during my internship was the biweekly food distribution at St. Vincent's Medical Center. The distribution took place on the premises, and staff and workers were encouraged to volunteer and assist with the distribution.

Initially, we identified several ways to improve the process for workers, volunteers, and community members. I was encouraged by the team's appreciation of my input during our team meetings, and it was fulfilling to see my suggestions implemented over the following weeks. Witnessing the smooth execution of the improved process was amazing.

‘Left a lasting impression on me’
Garcia Curtis ’23 MHA (center) takes part in an event as part of her internship.
Garcia Curtis ’23 MHA (center) takes part in an event as part of her internship.

As an intern, I never imagined that my input would be valuable, but the team at SVMC demonstrated how much they appreciated my contributions. Participating in the planning and execution of this initiative was my favorite part of the internship because it was hands-on and allowed us to interact closely with community members.

My experience at SVMC gave me a newfound appreciation for the organization's mission-driven approach. St. Vincent's mission is to provide exceptional healthcare to all, with a special focus on underprivileged and vulnerable populations. Every individual in the organization is deeply committed to the mission and involved in various projects aimed at serving the community. This dedication and devotion to serving and working to the best of their ability left a lasting impression on me.

I am grateful to my wonderful preceptor, Edna Borchetta, and her incredible team (Citlaly, Patty, Marilyn, and Lauren) for warmly welcoming me and giving me an unforgettable, inspirational experience.