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New Business Analytics Grad Launches Career at Medtronic

After completing an internship with the medical device company, Farzana Mohammed Zackariah ’23 M.S. was offered a full-time position at Medtronic. She is excited to begin working toward her goal of becoming a successful analyst.

January 9, 2023

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Farzana Mohammed Zackariah ’23 M.S.
Farzana Mohammed Zackariah ’23 M.S.

Farzana Mohammed Zackariah ’23 M.S. has been interested in learning about analytics, engineering, and business since she was a child. Inspired by ever-changing technology, she was particularly interested in business analytics. She dreamed of becoming a successful analyst.

Interested in how major organizations use information in their decision making and encouraged by the immense growth in the field of business analytics, Zackariah knew she wanted to continue her education. She recently completed her master’s degree in business analytics at the University.

Farzana Mohammed Zackariah ’23 M.S. on campus.
Farzana Mohammed Zackariah ’23 M.S. on campus.

“I have obtained credits that guided me how to perform at the highest level in all areas,” she said. “Major subjects in business analytics have taught me concepts theoretically and practically that helped me understand the business process. It was the right step I took to go forward in pursuing my degree at the University of New Haven to achieve my dream. The courses offered adhered to my goals, but also provided me the best platform to deepen expertise in my field of interest.”

In the classroom, Zackariah, who completed her classes at the end of the fall semester, enjoyed taking courses that, she said, supported her goals and enabled her to deepen her expertise in the field. A diversity wellness educator at the University, Zackariah enjoyed the opportunities she had to learn and get involved with the University community, both in and out of the classroom.

“Attending the University is more than just going to classes and getting good grades,” she said. “It’s a combination of discovery, involvement, and enjoyment. Activities are part of shaping the complete experience. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and enjoy your college days.”

‘Real world data experience’

As a Charger, Zackariah completed an internship as a planning analyst and buyer for Medtronic, a producer of medical devices such as insulin pumps, in North Haven, Conn. There, she learned about cutting-edge products including miniature pacemakers. She was offered a full-time position to continue her work with the company, which she begins this month. She’s looking forward to the opportunities she will have to enhance her communication skills and continue to learn.

Farzana Mohammed Zackariah ’23 M.S.
Farzana Mohammed Zackariah ’23 M.S.

“The internship was most rewarding and helped me discover my potential and polish my skills,” said Zackariah. “I had experiences that I believe will strongly shape and influence my professional life, while encouraging my personal growth and development.

“I hope to exhibit my skills by contributing to exciting projects and campaigns,” she continued. “Medtronic provides a wide variety of learning opportunities that I would like to be a part of, and I think it will be a perfect opportunity to push beyond my comfort zone, to make some meaningful connections, and to get real world data experience.”